“I came to have more protagonism”

After Montevideo’s crash over Welcome, Básquet Total went after the word of one of the figures of the success of the Mercado team, Maximiliano Botta.

Maxi began by telling us about his first triumph, the hit of the date. Neither more nor less than before Welcome: ”The truth is that it was unexpected, because of what our rival is, the players he has and because he is a candidate. We were able to take it ball by ball, play by play, which is what we came looking for, it was what we came looking for, since we know that the difference in players from squad to squad, we had to play a perfect game and luckily it happened and we were able to Get it out”.

About his start of the game that put 15 points in the first quarter he said: ”It’s my turn to assume, it had already happened in previous games. I am quite rachero and I like to assume when I have good streaks. My colleagues know that and pass it to me. I came looking for that, when I decided to come to Montevideo, I came looking for prominence and luckily it is giving me”.

Regarding his new role that he assumes together with Yari (Acevedo) and Hugo (Timote) as the most experienced of a campus that has many young people, he stated: “I came to have more prominence, in order to be able to improve things for the future, it is happening to me and we hope that the game between us will continue to flow like this.”

Asked about what the match was, which was even throughout the time and where both teams had their good moments, he said that the keys were: ”We had seen videos of their game against Albatros. But we saw that the Albatros players had a hard time assuming to take the leap needed to win the game, much of a product of the quality of the Welcome players. That’s why we try to play loose and try to play the game like that. At first we didn’t know what Newsome was playing and he threw us off a bit but then we were able to adjust on him and it was vitally important”.

In the end there were crosses of gestures with some Welcome fan, who fortunately did not reach majors: ”It’s the beauty of folklore, when rival fans insult you from the outside, sometimes you get more motivatedace. But they are things that remain there and I have no problem with them.”

To close the note, we ask you to see this Montevideo in the championship: ”The club comes to have participation with many of the boys from the quarry who want to make them film and that’s why several of us came too. In my case, to look for minutes for next year’s Metro or League”being a bit more pointed, we asked him what would be a goal fulfilled for them at the end of the season, which he closed with a ”Being among the four would make me happy, oh and coming out as a scorer (laughs)”.

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“I came to have more protagonism”