“I am very comfortable in Maccabi”

Ana Paz was one of the tall pieces that had the overwhelming victory of Hebraica and Macabi against the Bohemios team. After the game he was with Total Basketball

“It was a very important match for us. We knew it was going to be strong and we didn’t imagine winning because of that, but it was a weird match. We came from losing in Rows and it was important to take this victory “ said the foreigner of the team that sealed her ticket to the Gold Cup

The Maccabees arrived at the game after reaping their first victory last date so far in the contest. In this regard, he stated: “It was complicated, but a defeat is always good to see the mistakes we have and correct them. It took a while to get out of that, but we were able to do it and we showed it ”

Joaquina Gregorio did not start the game as we are accustomed in this contest and the entry of Romina Dalesandro ended up consolidating Hebraica as a true team on the court: “We are a fairly long squad and those who enter from the bank enter to leave everything and that is great. At some point, as happened with Joaqui, who perhaps did not enter as usual, the colo entered it, but anyone can enter to supplant us and we are all sure and confident that the one who enters is going to leave everything “

Before the game, a meeting was envisioned that was going to have absolute parity, but with its development the Maccabees were dispelling any type of doubt: “We entered with everything and we did not trust that we were going to take it because we entered each game like that. We knew how to be a little stronger in the head, the ball entered more, we found our game and we managed to take the advantage “

Paz is going through his second season at the institution and the team is increasingly accommodating to our League: “I am very comfortable in Maccabi, I am very comfortable with the girls and the coaching staff. This season of the League is much better than last. It is very good that new teams have joined, new clubs and that speaks well of the Women and shows everything that is growing here “

Maccabi achieved his first goal, but is not satisfied yet. For Ana there is still a long way to go: “We come for everything, we know that it is step by step and we have a lot left. We are going to work very hard, concentrated to achieve the final goal “

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“I am very comfortable in Maccabi”