“I am happy and very motivated for what is coming” – DiarioSports – San Francisco

Tomás Aimaretti from Italy spoke with DSP. The San Francisco player completed his first semester in Europe with a great performance in the Pallacanestro Palestrina of the C Gold Series. The “Tota” is enjoying its moment and aims to reach high ground in the season that is about to restart.

At 25 he packed his suitcase, got on a plane in search of new horizons. Italy was the destination to continue his professional career. Tomás Aimaretti joined Pallacanestro Palastrina last September, quickly becoming one of the most decisive players in the nine dates that have been played.

In the middle of recess, taking the opportunity to visit and discover historical places in Italy, the “Tota” spoke with DAILYPORTS. After getting off the train that took him from Napoli to Rome, the San Francisco native told how he lives his first international foray into the sport.

How are you living this experience?
The truth is that very cute, it is my first time. Although the language is different and the culture different, although we are descendants of them, the hospitality is identical to that of Argentina, very good people, the teammates and also the managers who are always attentive, they are very open.

Was it difficult for you to adapt to the new life?
At the level of life it was not difficult for me, the place where I am is a small town, so the change is not so great. The language a little, but since I like to speak and socialize, it was not difficult for me to learn a little every day.

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The passion of Tomás in Italy.

Basketball is similar, did you get into the running of the team quickly?
Yes, in this it changed a lot. Taking as a relation what I experienced in San Isidro in the Argentine League or in 9 de Freyre playing provincial, it seems to me that here there is more diversity, there is more three-point shot, two-length shot that almost does not exist in Argentina. The diversity is given by the number of players from different countries who come, there are many guys from Africa who are long, you have a fast base like Argentina and at the same time you have the length of more than two meters that only shoots three points; each team is very different. In ours I adapted quickly to the performance, I ended up playing very well in minutes and in attitude, I played matches of 35, 37 minutes having an important role. It cost us a lot against intense teams, because we are more of playing parked.

What plans do you have for 2022?
Now we have to wait for the restart, as there was a case of covid in the team we will see how we continue, we will play again on January 9. The plans are to try to get as far as possible, 6 of the 9 teams go to the next instance ending at the end of February and then enter the playoffs. I am happy and very motivated for what is coming.

1640815866 118 I am happy and very motivated for what is coming

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“I am happy and very motivated for what is coming” – DiarioSports – San Francisco