“I am comfortable and happy”

The aguatero started with the right foot, victory on the road against Malvín to discount the negative balance. After the game, Marcos Mata left his words and first feelings.

It is always important to start by winning a new championship. On this he left: “We need it, we started from behind and we already achieved a step to be at -3. We know that we urgently need points and we are off to a good start ”.

“The first half went through the attack, we were clear but not so much in defense. From the third quarter we improved back, we lowered the scoring and in offense we maintained the level. The break was when we managed to get 10-12 points out of him “ he analyzed the key to victory.

As for the personal, he marked: “The truth is that I felt very good, I am comfortable and happy. Very grateful for having returned to play after so long, my last game was in May, I am happy that people can return to the courts and little by little they are returning to normality ”.

“It is a team with players of a lot of name and experience. Many times that leads you to not find a chemistry, but luckily from day one, we all aim for the same thing and that makes it easier. The key is to be united and that will lead us to great things “ opined

Of the first sensations he found in Uruguayan basketball, he said: “In my opinion it is very similar to Argentina, there is talk of differences in tactics, but I find it very similar. In recent years, better players, better foreigners are coming and that is something that strengthens the League. I think Uruguayan basketball is raising its level every year ”.

“The truth is that we are very well. I am from Mar del Plata, which is a city very similar to Montevideo, I feel very comfortable and so does my family. From the first day they made us feel at home, from the children’s school to the club. Happy to be here “ counted.

To close he left a message to the fans: “I hope to see you soon, it is my first experience in Uruguay, and I think I never had to play against Aguada. What I hope is what is said so much about that fans, the encouragement and the passion, I think it will help us a lot ”.

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“I am comfortable and happy”