Hung up on history

Hung up on history


China 16 – 14 France

The Asians started better, dominating the actions with a fluid game that not only allowed them to take the first short advantage but that income was the one they kept throughout the match. Francia rowed from behind, when it seemed that Guapo and Flip could take advantage with the difference of centimeters, Paget and Touré appeared to bring him. It looked ugly for the Reds but Lili Wang put the team on her shoulder and Sushu Yang put a vital bomb. The Europeans had the last to tie, but a bad pass from Paget ended the illusion.

China was left with a celebrated bronze before the number 1 in the world ranking that leave Tokyo chewing the anger of not having a medal.

United States 18 – 15 Russia

How could it be otherwise, the United States won the first Olympic title in 3 × 3 basketball. Although it is not a world potential in this emerging modality, it arrived in Tokyo with four WNBA players and from there, despite being the worst team in the ranking in the previous, they started as favorites.

In the final, they scored the kickoff game with Dolson weighing in on the inside game. It took Russia five minutes to get into the box, they couldn’t shoot against the rival defense and, when they got tough, it was too late. The rent of three units never fell in favor of the North Americans. In the final minute, the Europeans threw two bombs to get to a minimum, but they did not succeed. The USA took advantage of the fouls, which as there were more than 10 groups awarded them two shots and a ball, and was left with the victory without major complications.

The United States took the gold, Russia the silver and China the bronze.


Serbia 21 – 10 Belgium

Serbia had just lost undefeated in the semifinals, which left the great favorite in the competition with the disappointment of not fighting for the gold. But, in addition, he had not even been up to the task against Russia. In the third-place match, all the anger was taken. With a suffocating defense, he made it not only difficult for the Belgians to score, but even difficult to shoot. Dusan Bulut broke it all being the great figure of the match, while Vasic and Majstrovic accompanied in a good way. Belgium had no reaction, lost their humor and ended up delivering the victory without fighting for it.

Serbia was left with a bronze that was not celebrated so much, it is worth remembering that three of its players make up the Top 5 of the world ranking, nice to little.

Latvia 21 – 18 Russia

Latvia also made history by claiming the first men’s Olympic gold. The team with the best player in the world ranking – Nauris Miezis – was in a second tier of favorites, but with a formidable final day they won the title.

Russia started better, with Karpenov scoring and generating for his teammates’ cuts from the post. The 2.04 giant started as an unsolvable problem, until exhaustion won over him and he began to lose balls. The Latvians ran from behind and it was difficult for him to discount on the scoreboard until two Lasmanis bombs and one from Miezis appeared to pass. The end was crazy, Russia could not take advantage of the fact that their rival was involved in fouls and each foul was a visit to the line in duplicate. Latvia missed the warrior Kruminis due to an ankle injury, the most experienced could not be in the epilogue, but a barbarous trippy from Lasmanis gave him the victory and the championship.

Latvia took the gold, Russia the silver and the bronze went to Serbia on the European podium.