How We Got Here: The 2021-22 NBA Season Told by #NBATwitter

By now you know that the Golden State Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics to win the NBA Finals in a six-game series that was almost as unpredictable as the Philadelphia 76ers star’s Twitter activity, Joel Embid. What you may not know: how you are going to fill the void that the absence of elite basketball in your nightly plans will leave you.

While we can’t help you with that particular dilemma, we can make you feel even more nostalgic for the 2021-22 season by bringing you some of #NBATwitter’s defining moments from the last nine months – we’re already getting into it, so let’s dive right in. .

If you’re not familiar with the gigantic sports community that is #NBATwitter (weird, but okay), some of this might be news to you. If you’re well versed in space, most of this will probably be a refresher. Either way, you can think of the following as a kind of #NBATwitter yearbook. HAGS… that’s “have a nice summer” to the untrained eye.

The birth of the Bing Bong

Linsanity was successful, so “Bing Bong” could be too. The New York Knicks’ season had gotten off to such a strong start…until it wasn’t. The subway gate-inspired rallying cry, which was adopted by fans and took on a life of its own, outlasted the Knicks’ winning record, but all the “Bing Bong” buzz still made for some fun nights on Twitter. of the NBA.

On this particular night, after Orlando handed the Knicks their first loss of the season, it was probably more fun for Magic fans.

Yes, you hate to see it.


It was his decision. kyle kuzma took a (big) risk when she decided to step out in an oversized pink sweater on Nov. 22. Fashion-forward (and sometimes quirky) settings have long been ingrained in the fabric of the Association, but this was something else. Totally.

To say that #NBATwitter took notice would be to put it mildly.

The Raf Simons-designed sweater, priced at $1,360.94, also drew comments from the Washington Wizards forward’s former Los Angeles Lakers teammates.

“There’s no f…king way you’d wear that!!!” he commented. Lebron James in Kuzma’s Instagram post. ‘I’m not hitting the like button because this is outrageous, Kuz!’ Anthony Davis echoed LeBron’s sentiment, writing, “You’re out of line sir!”

Now you’re just someone KD used to know

Hey, the basketball gods didn’t do you any favors. james harden by letting the news of his trade from the Brooklyn Nets to the Philadelphia 76ers break on the same day as the NBA All-Star draft. Meanwhile, the team captain, Kevin Durantdid his former teammate no favors by passing on the seven-time pick.

Durant using his last choice in Rudy Gobert instead of Harden? Wildly awkward. LeBron’s reaction? Priceless.

Troel Embiid has joined the chat

Speaking of bitter reactions from former teammates, Joel ‘Troel’ Embiid had thoughts on the trade that sent Harden to Philadelphia along with Paul Millsap in exchange of Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andrew Drummond and draft picks.

The king of cryptic tweets enlisted the help of a Twitter meme to make his former diplomatic feelings about Simmons, who was once seen as his forever running mate, perfectly clear.

In case you’re not forever online, the photo originated from an Instagram user who posted that he showed up at the “funeral of one of my greatest enemies” just to make sure his enemy was dead.

Simmons’ farewell to Embiid wasn’t the only time Troel turned heads online this season. During Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Celtics and Heat, he took to Twitter to lament Miami’s need for another star.

Given that the Heat had eliminated the 76ers in the previous round of the playoffs, and Embiid’s close relationship with the former Philadelphia teammate and current Miami star, Jimmy Butlerthe #NBATwitter response was swift and frantic, with many fans convinced Embiid was eyeing a move to South Beach.

LeBron’s deleted tweet… and other niceties

The thing about the internet is that you can’t really get anything back. Even if you change your mind or think better of a tweet a few hours later, once you hit “send,” it’s available — this lesson rings especially true if your name is LeBron James and you have more than 51.5 million followers.

That was the case with the following message LeBron shared on August 4, 2021 about the Lakers’ offseason moves: “Keep talking about my squad, the ages of our staff, the way he plays, he stays injured, he we spent time’ in this league, etc., etc. Do me a favor PLEASE! And I mean PLEASE! Keep the same narrative ENERGY when I start! That’s all I ask.”

If the above hadn’t been erased by LeBron, it certainly would have been a good topic for @OldTakesExposed and others like it as the Lakers’ season imploded.

And for the King James, we wish his April 22 tweet, in which he swore he’d never miss the postseason for the rest of his career, ages better.

Tee Morant had his series

Although being the father of the rising star of the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, is a cool claim to fame in its own right, looking massively like Usher is a better trick for any party. It’s also more useful for appearing on a look-alike camera.

On April 16, a tweet comparing Morant’s father, Tee, to the eight-time Grammy Award-winning R&B singer made #NBATwitter do a double take. The only thing left to do was get Tee and Usher together in a room. On April 26, the Grizzlies delivered.

The uncanny resemblance to Usher was just one of the reasons Tee took center stage during the postseason. Earlier, in the Memphis first-round series, she made a bet with the father of the Minnesota Timberwolves star, Karl-Anthony Townswhich called for the losing parent to wear the winning child’s jersey.

Morant not only won the bet, but possibly got some tickets for Usher in the process. Not bad for series work.

The saga of the ‘Luka Special’

underestimate Luka Doncić at your own risk. It’s a lesson that Devin Booker & Co. learned firsthand during the Western Conference semifinals. The series between the Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks was heated from the start. But one particular moment from Game 5 would become a treat that continues to get the #NBATwitter faithful talking.

In the third quarter, as the Suns crushed the Mavs, Dorian Finney-Smith he fouled Booker as the Phoenix shooting guard headed to the rim. Booker dropped to the ground and stayed there to sell the foul. As he caught a fan courtside, he wasn’t hurt, just laughing. He then proceeded to call what he was doing a “Luka Special”.

As you may remember, the Mavs won Game 6 and forced a Game 7 in which the +6.5 underdogs defeated the Suns 123-90. Dallas was led by Doncic, who had 35 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists in just 30 minutes in the win. “You can’t take this smile off my face right now,” Doncic said after the win. “I’m really happy”.

Once fans discovered a photo of Luka grinning uninhibitedly at Booker in Game 6, the “Luka Special” took on a whole new meaning.

The Dallas Fort Worth airport even got involved.

Nothing equals more defeat than being ‘trolled’ by a public transport company.

Pat Bev attacks CP3

DBook wasn’t the only one receiving criticism after the Suns’ premature exit from the postseason. On the morning after the Game 7 blowout, Timberwolves shooting guard, patrick beverley, joined First Take and Get Up! to share his thoughts on what happened, and well she did.

Beverley, who has certainly had problems with Chris-Paul since high school, absolutely nothing was saved. He even went so far as to compare the 12-time All-Star to a practice cone.

#NBATwitter went on fire in support of CP3, with the general consensus being: You can’t possibly have said that.

Curry’s Predictions

Not to revive the old rivalry between Stephen Curry Y Lebron James, but for being a story of two proclamations, one aged considerably better than the other. While LeBron’s defense of the Lakers’ move to a relatively older roster was in vain, Curry’s statement after being eliminated by the Grizzlies in the 2021 playoff entry tournament turned out to be spot on.

But long before the Warriors lifted the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the fourth time in eight seasons and Steph clinched a previously elusive Finals MVP award, it was Candace Parker who spoke out for the Golden State star. Before the Warriors’ Nov. 8 game against Bring Young and the Atlanta Hawks, Parker said Steph would have a 50-point night.

A casual 50 points and 10 assists later, the Chicago Sky star looked prophetic.

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How We Got Here: The 2021-22 NBA Season Told by #NBATwitter