Horford on Curry flagrant: “I understand, they try to protect the shooters… I’m glad he’s okay”

The Dominican admitted that the flagrant foul in the third game of the Final Series was a “fair” decision by the referees

With five minutes remaining in the third quarter of game 3 of the NBA Final Series between Boston and Golden State, the center of the Celtics Al Horford tried to cover a three-point shot from Stephen Curry.

The Warriors star fell on the Dominican’s foot, which could have resulted in an injury to the shooter, so the referees considered that the play should be punished with a type 1 flagrant foul.

“These are things that happen. I get it. Is to emphasize, try to protect the shooters. I understand it”, answered Horford when questioned about the play in a press conference after the game.

“I feel like it was a good try to defend the play, but maybe… I didn’t give him room to drop, so it’s hard when you have someone playing so fast and you try to block a shot and those things happenadded the Celtics center.

Despite this, Horford felt that it was a correct call and was pleased that Curry was not injured.

I’m glad you’re alright. But yes, it was a fair call”, concluded the Dominican. On the play Curry scored the three-point shot and added a free throw that put the game at that time 82-77, cutting the advantage that the Boston Celtics had.

Precisely the base of the Golden State Warriors, who finished with 31 points in the match, referred to the controversial move confirming that he is fine and relieved Horford of responsibility.

“I’ll be fine. I got caught under Al (Horford). Obviously I’ll be in some pain, but I’ll be fine.” We’ll get it fixed tomorrow (Thursday) and I’ll be ready for Friday,” Curry said.

The fourth game of the NBA final series between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics will be this Friday, June 10 at the TD Garden.

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Horford on Curry flagrant: “I understand, they try to protect the shooters… I’m glad he’s okay”