Homophobic shouts: party stopped and repudiation

Sebastian Vega is a basketball player from Gimnasia de Comodoro Rivadavia, who in 2020 he told that he is homosexual. So, his attitude was highly valued inside and outside the sport. He continued developing the activity without problems until this Thursday there was an embarrassing episode in the match against Quimsain Santiago del Estero: some local plateistas began to insult him for his sexual identity and the party had to stop for a few minutes.

Vega got upset, his coach replaced him and he had to be calmed down by the team captain, Diego Romero, at the city’s Sports Center.

The episode generated an immediate repudiation and this Friday the Santiago club issued a statement. Then so did the National Basketball Leaguewhich announced a sanction against Quimsa and the fans of the team that acted in this way will not be able to re-enter the field.

This Friday, Vega spoke on his Twitter account: “After what happened yesterday, far from feeling disappointed, I feel very happy. The support was felt and that shows that we are no longer the same as before, we are better people. Thank you for the respect and for so much affection on the part of everyone; leaders and fans, thank you”.

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Quimsa’s reaction

“The HCD of the Quimsa Athletic Association rejects the unfortunate behavior of some misfits who disturbed player Sebastián Vega with their songs last night during the third quarter of the game. This institution repudiates and does not share this attitude, which has nothing to do with thinking of the club towards one of the most remembered and valued players who wore our shirt and who led our club to the title of National League Champion. Needless to say, his quality as a person and that he always had an exemplary behavior with the family of Quimsa.

Meanwhile, the National League expressed itself through the testimony of Osvaldo Montenegro, president of the Association of Clubs. “From the AdC we express our rejection of what happened. Our statute was designed with the objective to have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. In this way, the club will be fined for the events that occurred and the people involved will not be able to re-enter the stadium.

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Vega’s journey

The 33-year-old forward has been playing since 2004 in the National League. He started in Central Entrerriano, was champion with Peñarol de Mar del Plata, in Boca, Quimsa (he was also champion), Libertad de Sunchales, then had a second stage in Santiago and since 2019 he has been in Gimnasia.

Vega in his stage in Quimsa.

Vega in his stage in Quimsa.

The match was won by Quimsa 89 to 80.

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Homophobic shouts: party stopped and repudiation