Homicide: Chief of Police assured that the fact is “totally clarified” | Daily Change

By Andrés Ferreira.
Last Tuesday afternoon, they found a lifeless and mutilated body in a vacant lot in the Cien Manzanas neighborhood. From that moment, police personnel began a strong investigation that has advanced rapidly and in the last hours everything indicates that the fact would be clarified. Gathering information in this regard, CAMBIO interviewed Carlos Ayuto – Chief of Police – who provided details of the investigation and of the detainees who could be involved in this homicide.
At the judicial level were the words that were used to describe the work of the Salto Police, efficiency, speed and professionalism. Ayuto stated that the work carried out was practically a continuous task from the moment in which he realized this lifeless body in the vicinity of the Cien Manzanas neighborhood. “Not only did we start on August 24 with this extremely serious event, but we continued with very important operations on Nostalgia Night that involved police personnel during the early morning hours, the next day the policemen got up to work again, they continued with the investigation because they really wanted to clarify this homicide as quickly as possible due to its magnitude and the disgusting nature of the fact, “he said.
Ayuto assured that this homicide is completely clarified, although he did not rule out insisting on all parties, testimonies, witnesses and those involved, to give strength to the evidence from the technical and investigative field. “Everything is being worked on based on evidence so that later there are no changes and it leads to another situation that hinders the investigation, some elements are still being sought to support statements and versions that were given in the course of the interrogations” he explained and continued “in There are four detainees in this homicide, all of whom are involved, some with a lesser degree of responsibility. When we can give more details, we will clarify it so that people know the information, among the detainees there is a female person ”.
Hours before this macabre event became known, a motorcycle was found at the site, which had traces of blood. Consulted Ayuto for the role of the vehicle in this investigation, he pointed out “the role of the vehicle is fundamental because from there a thread began to be taken that resulted with the information of the homicide, the motorcycle was fundamental in this case, which in principle It was a complaint of an abandoned motorcycle, it continued with traces of blood on it and with that the police without knowing about the homicide, acted in the correct, ideal and professional way, when they saw traces of blood, it raised suspicions in the troops and the first What they did was call the Scientific Police to carry out the survey, elements and evidence were extracted from that motorcycle, which led to suspect a link to the homicide that was reported hours later. “We followed up on testimonies, cameras from the city, who owned the motorcycle, and well, step by step the people involved in the incident were reached,” he added.
Regarding the body found, Ayuto said “I think it is a fact that should have no precedent in Salto, and I do not know if it can have precedents at the national level, perhaps in very few opportunities a similar situation could have occurred, finding a dismembered body of that way is terrifying, it could even be film cuts, the whole body was not even in one place, but they dispersed it in two places, which worsens the fact, the situation of this death was very painful and macabre ”.