Holy remedy La Bomba

As expected between these two balanced teams in the table, the game started well even and contested. El Ave damaged attacking the ring with Trípodi and Alonso, to take the first lead up to 20-13 forcing Masner’s minute. Although those first corrections were of little use, because the first one went 28-17 for Albatros, with a fairly marked superiority for the homeowner.

The second boy started with less goal, but still Albatros continued better with the entry of stainless Cacho Jones and some triple from Apple. However, San Telmo reacted and did so initially thanks to Nicoletti’s push in attack, and a much stronger and more intense defense, going on to score a man who gave results to Masner, because his team hardened back and began to damage with runs of court that cemented the partial of 14-2 with which Santo closed the first half in front 41-39.

The ring was still closed for the Ave by the very good visitor defense, which allowed him to open the complement with a reassuring 6-0. The defensive intensity of Santo commanded by Nacho Castro generated more running points for San Telmo who came to open nine for rent; but Albatros responded, as he did as he was attacking the paint all night and loading the offensive rebound; with Prego, García and Jones he closed the third with a 7-1 that put him only two points away from the last one, 61-59 in favor of the visitor.

The decisive quarter began with an interesting exchange of triples, although with the passing of the minutes San Telmo returned to settle on the scoreboard led by Nicoletti and Piñeiro to get six averaging the period. Ellis’s team continued with the recipe to attack the hoop and led by Nicolás García managed to get close, but when the Bird fluttered, the Bomba del Norte exploded, because Johnny Rodríguez, who until now was having a complicated night with the outside shot, appeared in all its splendor with four triples in the hottest moment that ended up tipping the balance for Santo. Incredibly Albatros with a rogue “Apple” for the recoveries came close to three, but with free San Telmo he would end up closing a transcendental point in his aspiration to continue forward in this DTA.

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Holy remedy La Bomba