Historical! Three Cartagenans will direct the semifinals of the Professional Basketball

The Professional Basketball League (LPB) will face the semifinal phase from this Monday with four teams that reached the quota to stay and which will fight to reach the final to dispute the title of this second semester.

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In the four semifinalist quintets there are three coaches from Cartagena directing and this represents a historical fact in Colombian and Bolivarian basketball.

The most experienced are José Tapia from Piratas de Bogotá and Tomás Díaz from Titanes de Barranquilla.

The third is the debutant in the Professional Basketball League Iván García, who directs the Caribbean Storm of San Andrés.

The paradox is that none guides the team from Cartagena Corsarios, which reached the quarterfinal stage.

“There is something very important that needs to be said. Cartagena is a pool of talent in basketball not only with the players but also with the coaches. I feel a lot of satisfaction, but at the same time it makes me worry to see that these kinds of achievements can always be achieved by coaches outside the city and it shouldn’t be like that. We should change the current model that is to achieve something from the outside so that they accept us later in our land. That must change,” said Iván García.

The strategist added that “being three coaches from Cartagena in the semifinal is a pride. Tomas Díaz and José Tapia already have a long history in Colombian basketball and I am following in their footsteps. This is historic and we hope that two Bolivarenses arrive in the final”.

In the semifinal, Tomás Díaz (Titans) and José Tapia (Pirates) will face each other today.

The favorite to win this series is Titanes de Barranquilla, who have only lost one game in the tournament and it was against Caribbean Storm de San Andrés.

In the other key, that is, Caribbean Storm and Cimarrones de Chocó, the prognosis is reserved because both teams are very good and very physical. There is no clear favourite.

The semifinals begin today in Bogotá and San Andrés.

The Pirates vs. Titans clash will kick off at 4 p.m.

Caribbean Storm and Cimarrones will do so at 7:30 pm in San Andrés.

The series are agreed to five games, where the winner of three will advance to the final for the title.

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Historical! Three Cartagenans will direct the semifinals of the Professional Basketball