Historical beating of Goes: he beat Aguada by 28 points and is 1 for the playoffs

Goes overwhelmed Aguada 97-69 at Palacio Peñarol at last game of the regular phase of the Uruguayan Basketball League, he stayed with the number 1 for the playoffs and had the pleasure of giving his rival of all hours his biggest win in history.

Until tonight, Goes’ greatest classic victory over Aguada had occurred in 1971 in the Second Division when he won by 17 points (63-46) on the Tabaré court. The difference of 28 points was about to match the biggest classic win, which belongs to Aguada since the 1983 Federal and which was 30 points: 123-83.

After two classics that could not be played due to covid outbreaks in Aguada (Goes won them 20-1, for the 2021 League and for the first phase of this tournament), water carriers and missionaries defined their positions for the definition of the contest. Goes is 1 and goes straight to the playoffs. Aguada finished eighth and will have to play a play-in against Nacional.

Aguada, directed by the Argentine Nicolás Casalánguida, started with Avry Holmes, Federico Pereiras, Leandro García Morales, José Ascanio and Lucas Silva. Canadian Chad Posthumus started on the bench after being hired at the last minute following the release of American Jamari Traylor.

Goes, with fellow Argentine Guillermo Narvarte at the helm, had Joaquín Osimani, Martín Osimani, Johwen Villegas, Franco Giorgetti and Néstor Colmenares as the starting quintet.

Swollen with Goes, pure enjoyment

The game was played with 1,600 Aguada fans in the stands and 600 Goes fans, given that the rojiverde officiated as local.

Goes was much superior from the start based on his defensive posture and the mark that Joaquín Osimani exerted on García Morales.

Later, he devoted himself to run the field and do a lot of damage in his offensive transitions.

Villegas and Colmenares, with nine points each, were the scorers in that first quarter.

Narvarte’s team dominated all facets of the game: transition goals, goals in the paint, field goal percentages (51% to 43%), 3-pointers (7-6), assists (18-9) and rebounds (44 to 31).

The Goes thing was crushing against Aguada who arrived with a lot of problems but who also presented a team with hierarchical figures who were completely overcome.

Aguada had to change his striker Tyreek Duren a few weeks ago because he went to a baby shower since he is going to be a father. He didn’t come back. Avry Holmes arrived in his place. The leadership dismissed Daniel Seoane as coach and brought in Nicolás Casalánguida, whose team is characterized by defending hard and running. But in Aguada he found a veteran squad. Mathías Calfani was torn, he came back and suffered. He didn’t play and he misses him. Argentine Marcos Mata is also injured and Venezuelan José Ascanio is his temporary replacement. And as if that were not enough, the American Jamari Traylor decided to leave and the leadership had to go out in a hurry to look for a center, the Canadian Chad Posthumus, whom he practically threw into the field against Goes after getting off the plane on Thursday.

Goes, notably worked by Narvarte, He threw all his team chemistry at Aguada until he crushed him.

A brilliant Joaquín Osimani finished as a scorer with 23 points. Colmenares was unstoppable in the paint with 18 points and 7 rebounds, Johwen Villegas contributed four triples and 19 points, and Sebastián Sosa and Ignacio Xavier each had 11 off the bench.

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The match

First Quarter: Goes 30-17
Second Quarter: Goes 55-35
Third Quarter: Goes 77-50
Final: Goes 97-69

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Historical beating of Goes: he beat Aguada by 28 points and is 1 for the playoffs