He stole a car, left it abandoned and was arrested by fingerprints and sent to prison | Daily Change

He stole a car left it abandoned and was arrested

Last Sunday at Quinta sectional a man appeared and denounced that between the hours of 01:00 and 11:00 from Paraguay avenue and Zorrilla de San Martín street, his car was stolen from him, his Renault Clio model year 2002. Subsequently, the aforementioned vehicle was stolen. located by abandoned police personnel on Avenida Carlos Reyles near the entrance to Barrio Luján.
From the papiloscopic report carried out by Scientific Police personnel, positive traces emerged that led to the identification of a person, and thanks to this that personnel from the Investigations Directorate had clear work guidelines to clarify the fact, thus achieving the Author’s location, of legal age. Upon completion of the proceedings in the Second-Shift Criminal and Adolescent Court of First Instance, it sentenced: FDRT, as the perpetrator criminally responsible for a particularly aggravated crime of theft, to thirteen months in prison; which will be fulfilled as follows: six months of effective imprisonment and seven months of total house arrest.
On the morning of yesterday around 11:35 am, the driver of a motorcycle that was circulating on Catalina Harriague de Castaños avenue heading south, upon reaching the intersection with Corrientes street, she went to accommodate some buckets that she carried between her legs, carrying the looking down, colliding at that moment with a motorcycle that was parked. The EMI Emergency Unit attended the scene, where the doctor in charge assists the injured woman, diagnosing “Mild polytraumatized, discharge at the scene.”
Another accident occurred on the afternoon of the day before at the intersection of Rivera and Zelmar Michelini, on the occasion for reasons under investigation, a car collided with a motorcycle, causing injuries to the driver of a 30-year-old man with mild multiple injuries. The driver of the car was unharmed, the causes that caused the accident are being investigated.