He rebuked the referee, ran him all over the court and then apologized

The name of José Luís Pappalardi it was news all over the world and for a reason that has nothing to do with sports. Is that in the match between Platense de La Plata and Gymnastics of Chivilcoy, by the fourth date of Provincial of Clubs, the pivot lost control after being sent off, rebuked one of the game referees and ran him across the field to the changing room area.

It all started in the first seconds of the fourth quarter, when Juan Álvarez charged the second unsportsmanlike foul to the Gymnastics intern, it which implied his disqualification. Immediately, Pappalardi reacted and faced the referee directly to ask him for an explanation of what happened.

When it seemed that everything began to calm down, the pivot returned determined to the court in search of the referee, who began to run to try to protect himself from the player. Finally, he had to jump over the signs and take cover in the changing room area. Pappalardi followed him, but was stopped before he could reach that sector.

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The video of the disgusting moment was replicated by a Tik Tok user and It didn’t take long to go viral. Thus, the news reached the main newspapers of the world. After the repercussion that the case took, Pappalardi spoke on Radio del Centro de Chivilcoy and gave his version of what happened.

“At no time did I hit him or touch him or anything. When I wanted to approach him to talk to him he made gestures with my face and he would go back. When I went to talk to the other judge he told me that he had already charged and that it could not be done but nothing. When I got to the bank and I saw that he charged me unsportsmanlike and expelled me, there the chain came loose “, started.

And he added: “An event that should not have happened. At least for me to apologize to all the people of Chivilcoy because we represent a club in the city and these things do not have to happen, but hey. I take charge, I go out to show my face, I already apologized to whoever had to apologize and take charge of what happened. “

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Along the same lines, he justified: “In home games they charged me for three seconds, then there comes a time when you think they are looking for you, they want to make you warm up, I don’t know what they’re looking for with those things. I’m not going to say that I’m a barefoot Carmelite, I have my character, but if you don’t break my balls, I won’t screw you. “

There comes a time when, like everyone else, they stick their finger in the wound and sooner or later you will jump. I had a bad day, I jumped in and I take over. It shouldn’t have happened, it doesn’t have to happen again, I’m a jerk, I take care of this whole situation, “he continued.

Regarding the significance of what happened, he said: “This whole issue of social networks went viral. I saw it on the news, Telefé, in Chronicle, I think he’s half asshole. Apart from very bad milk because worse things happen. Mine is a shit, a serious, important thing that does not have to happen again, but They do it more than anything for the yellow ruff journalism that comes out everywhere. “

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“It even appeared in the Spanish newspaper Marca, as if they had no bullshit to do. It is to grab the jerk on duty and hit it with a pipe. It is like this, in a week we don’t talk about this anymore, “said Pappalardi.

His criticism of the referees

“If you see the unsportsmanlike fouls they charge me, they are a joke. When I’m going to talk to the judge and ask him why he charged me for that, at the most that he charges me a foul, if he already knew I had an unsportsmanlike one. He wanted me out of the game. Because if he took a common foul, I lower the rebound and I don’t see the rival below me, you can see it in the video clearly. “

“The idiot that the league is always the player, but the referees continue directing, they go to the other game, charge and take the stick. They forget that we make a terrible effort in the week, that we travel far, that we work, that the club makes a barbarous effort, and they suck an egg. They go, they arrive, they direct, they charge what is sung to them and they leave. There comes a time when you are already grown up, you are tired and you break your balls ”.

“Five guys hang up on me, they shit me and they don’t charge me a foul. I do a bit of force and they charge me. There comes a time that breaks your balls. I made the decision, I bench the one that has to come, I don’t play basketball anymore, I do my own thing and that’s it. If it is what they want, I give them the pleasure, “he completed.


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He rebuked the referee, ran him all over the court and then apologized