He is the son of an iconic character from 100% Lucha, has African roots and trains with the National Team: Lee Aaliya, the new pearl of Argentine basketball

Lee Aaliya, the son of a former 100% Lucha character who joined the practices of the Argentine senior basketball team

According to legend, one of the characters in this story was born in Ghana and his role was that of a noble Ashanti warrior who fought to take care of his people’s gold. He was an unknown fighter who traveled from Africa to Argentina. With an imposing physique, with his shield and his spear, it was how Musambe Tutu presented himself in society. Where? Neither more nor less than 100% Fightthe TV show that captivated thousands of children and wrestling fans in the 2000s.

Time passed and Tutu became one of the most famous actors in the wrestling contest. So much so that he even shared a duet with Vincent Viloni, the rocker who won the affection of locals and strangers. Today, more than 10 years after his last appearance in one of the most famous rings on television, this man took off his suit and is known by his real name and surname: he is Jeff Aliya, the ganhés who lives in La Plata and is the father of one of the jewels of Argentine basketball for the future.

“My family always liked sports. My mom was a fanatic, my dad, my older brother is a taekwondo fighter and I always liked boxing, soccer and wrestling”, Aaliya, or Musambe Tutu, told Infobae.

“I arrived in Argentina on August 20, 1997 with the intention of making a brief stay and continuing with some friends to the United States. But I liked the air of Buenos Aires, the kindness of the people. They received me in an excellent way from the first day, that’s why I decided to stay”added the man who, thanks to his body, became famous after several appearances on television.

“A friend told me that they needed fighters and I knew that was good. There he connected me with Telefe and I started training until Eduardo Husni -commentator next to Osvaldo Principi– He liked my style, he liked me as a person and there, thank God, I signed a contract. That was where my image stood out, but before I had been on Videomatch, Tinelli’s program, when I was bodybuilding champion”, explained who fell in love with a generation dressed as Musambe Tutu.

The fighter participated in the classic TV program

Installed on Argentine soil, this fighter started a family. Jeff was born first and a year later Lee appeared in his life and in that of his then wife. The youngest of the Aaliya is 17 years old, measures 2.05 meters and plays in Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata. He was promoted this season to the first team that plays in the Argentine League, the second most important basketball category in the country. Moreover, during 2021, the young man was summoned to be part of the U19 preselection directed by Daniel Farabello, after being part of the team that represented the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina Sub 17.

The son of the character who shone in wrestling joined the training of the National Team that faces a new qualifying window for the FIBA ​​World Cup which will take place in 2023. Hand in hand with the Che Garciathe coach of the major who had his eye on him some time ago, Lee took advantage of these days to work at the Obras stadium along with several players who were runners-up in the last World Cup in China and a history of the Golden Generation What Charles Delphine.

Beyond this dream present, Lee landed in one of the great institutions of La Plata after passing through the classic neighborhood club, an essential piece for the development of young people in Argentina. He “he started in the South American club and joined Gymnastics in 2014 in children. He played basketball when he was little”, he told Infobae the coach of the first of the Loco, Fabian Renda.

Lee Aaliya is one of the jewels that Gimnasia LP has on its first-class plate
Lee Aaliya is one of the jewels that Gimnasia LP has on its first-class plate

He is a player who since he arrived at the club and we saw his size and biotype, we project him as a perimeter. He played the pre-pandemic years in his category in positions 1, 2 and 3. In those categories we played without positions, but with that responsibility of being involved in the movement on the perimeter. In fact, he has an acceptable three-point shot, which he has to continue improving, of course, ”added the coach.

With the jersey 11 of the Wolf La Plata, Aaliya has already played 12 times for the team, which is in ninth position in the Southern Conference of the League. He averages just over 5 minutes on the court, with 2.2 points and 1.2 rebounds per game.

He is an excellent kid, he absorbs everything. He has improved a lot since he was at the club, both physically and technically. It’s very good. And I’m already putting important minutes in the Argentine League, little by little. Because he doesn’t stop being a boy, he is a boy in a good way. But he is already taking responsibility. Against Pergamino, in the last game, he played 10 minutes. And the intention is that he arrives next season as an Argentine League player with a lot of prominence, ”said Renda.

But Lee is not the only Aaliya in the GELP. His brother is also part of the club. He is 1.85 meters tall and plays in the first division of the local league.

“When Lee arrived at Gymnastics, the parents were uneasy because he came from a neighborhood club. But they are both excellent parents. The mother is a wonderful person, teacher. It is no coincidence that brothers are like that. And dad always goes to see him. I didn’t say much because, unlike what happens in most cases, he doesn’t get involved. He is very affectionate with his children, always with them. That’s why boys are like that.”affirmed the coach of the first team about the valuable contribution of the parents in the upbringing of the jewel that is closely followed by the coach of the Argentine team.

Thus, while the youngest of the Aaliya children fulfills a dream of belonging to the national team, his father did not stop enjoying the fight. Once he finished his participation in the TV segment after five years, he created his own group called Extreme Fight in which he trains enthusiastic young people who are fanatical about the discipline. Musambe, as he still calls himself on his networks, has his gym at the Villa Rivera club, on Calle 3 and 52 in the city of La Plata, where he teaches classes every day, from Monday to Friday, in the afternoon.

An unforgettable trio for fans of 100% Lucha: la Masa, Vicente Viloni and Jeff as Musambe Tutu
An unforgettable trio for fans of 100% Lucha: la Masa, Vicente Viloni and Jeff as Musambe Tutu

“Yes, I managed to get two of my students hired by wrestling in the United States, something that two historical programs such as Titanes en el Ring and 100 percent Lucha could not achieve,” said Jeff.

With the sports gene running through their veins, the boys of the iconic character of 100% Lucha enjoy playing basketball. And Dad loves to see them, of course. as they told Infobaethere is no game that whoever was Musambe Tutu stops approaching the stadium to encourage them and be with them.

“Jeff is also very good. Now everyone looks at Lee, but the two brothers are very good. Also, they are very disciplined guys. They are all day practicing their shot and with the ball. Since they were born they see me when I train and we share the moment of doing bodybuilding in my club. They are honest and work hard”expressed an excited dad.

There is no doubt that the story of the Aaliyas went viral because it was the son of a former fighter from a famous TV show. More than 20 years ago, a man who came from Ghana made the decision to stay in Argentina when he had not thought about it. And his life changed forever. Also that of his boys, who today enjoy playing the sport they love so much and, one of them, already imagines making people vibrate on a court in the same way that his father did with hundreds of children who did not stop chant the name of Musambe Tutu.


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He is the son of an iconic character from 100% Lucha, has African roots and trains with the National Team: Lee Aaliya, the new pearl of Argentine basketball