Harden, fed up with Irving and the Nets

It grows to the discomfort of james harden in the Nets apart from the latest bad results of an opponent to the ring that casts more and more doubts about his candidacy. To recent information from Shams Charania, Sam Amick in ‘The Athletic’ and Kendrick Perkins that place him in the Sixers the next season adds the increasingly unhappy state reported by Jake Fischer on Bleacher Report.

According to Fischer, there are several circumstances that drive the ‘Beard’ crazy. One of them, the peculiar situation of Kyrie Irving. The guard does not like at all that the point guard is only available part-time, since, not being vaccinated, he cannot play the home games. And it is that the ‘Beard’ sees how these days he must bear most of the offensive responsibility, because the ‘part time’ Irving joins Durant’s injury, which would not reappear until mid-February.

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But there is more. It’s not just Irving. Also the other person on whom that weight falls to get the most out of a team with his ‘Big Three’, so diminished, Steve Nash. According to Fischer, James Harden does not understand the constant rotations of the coach instead of deciding to bet on a more stable quintet. The truth is that the absence of Durant and Irving in certain games complicate that task for Nash, subjected even more by doubts in the face of the faltering streak of the Nets, who add three consecutive losses and have dropped to fourth place in the East.

And, in case Harden wasn’t dissatisfied for a few reasons, there is even more, because he isn’t satisfied with the city in which he lives either. The New York cold makes him yearn houston, as well as the higher proportion of taxes you pay in New York compared to Texas. Asked about all this on Tuesday after losing against the Wolves, Harden said he did not know anything about that latest information. But he recognized his dissatisfaction.

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“Of course I’m frustrated because there is a lot of inconsistency for whatever reason: injuries, Covid or whatever you want to call it. Everyone in this organization is frustrated that we’re better than our bottom line says and we should be moving up. That’s it. I am frustrated because I want to win and I am a competitor. It’s quite simple,” snapped the ‘Beard’.

Frustrated with everything, that unhappiness is illustrated in his performance, given that he presents his worst numbers scoring with 23 points per game and field goal percentage with 42% of the last 10 years and his worst three-point percentage ever with 33.7%.

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Harden, fed up with Irving and the Nets