Hard-working victory for Lenovo Tenerife against a bully Girona

10/01/2022 at 23:29


The team from Tenerife added their second victory against the Catalan team (76-67)

Diagne became the shadow of Gasol and was decisive for Tenerife to take the victory

The Lenovo Tenerife added this Saturday his second victory after the first two days of the Endesa League in a duel against Basket Girona (76-67) in which he had to work until almost the end.


Endesa League


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Lenovo Tenerife

(18+23+22+13). Huertas (8), Salin (14), Cook (8), Doornekamp (9), Diagne (6) –initial-, Fernández (8), Fitipaldo (7), Sastre (5), Abromaitis (5) and Cruz ( 6).

Basketball Girona

(18+16+16+17). Taylor (10), Miletic (10), Franch (9), Vila (5), Gasol (11) –initial-, Fjellerup (12), Colom (8), Bursac (-), Figueras (-), Garino ( -) and Hanzilik (2).


Hierrezuelo, Olivares and Zamorano.


Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before some four thousand people

Aíto García Reneses’ team did not make it easy, a team led by Marc Gasol, but with a rest of quality players and, above all, intense in defense that fought until the end to try to win.

But Txus Vidorreta’s team was successful and improved as the match progressed. Special mention to Moussa Diagne’s defense against Marc Gasol, whom he did not allow to play comfortably.

Diagne was the shadow of Gasol and decisive for Tenerife to take the victory. The coach didn’t need to give Shermadini minutes – he didn’t play the whole game because he had that man in Diagne who controlled the area.

To this we must add the good leadership and the success of players like SalinDoornekamp, ​​Jaime Fernández or Abromaitis.

Good start to the game for both teams. although with a more successful Basket Girona in attack. The “gasol effect”, which caused the defense to close in on him, meant that the rest of the men on the Catalan team could be more liberated and score with some clarity.

Dominance in the visitors’ marker, who came to have a maximum advantage of five points (9-14, min.7), but the people from Tenerife managed to reach this first break with an even score (18-18).

The Lenovo Tenerife improved slightly in the second quarter. Gasol was still very well watched by Diagne, but in attack Tenerife played with more calm and accuracy and that allowed them to dominate the scoreboard and reach the break with an advantage by seven points (41-34).

after the break, the Lenovo Tenerife did not allow its rival to get ahead. He came out more concentrated with good defensive work and taking advantage of his chances in attack. He would soon take a difference of more than ten points (47-36) and it meant a slight peace of mind against a very uncomfortable opponent.

It would be in the final stretch of the clash when Girona would disturb Lenovo Tenerife again. Partial 0-9 with a defense in midfield with great intensity that caused several offensive errors by the locals.

Girona, after losing by thirteen points (63-50), managed to get to four (63-59), but that effort had its consequences and more so with a team like the one Lenovo Tenerife has this year with a high-level bench.

He knew how to withstand this pull and return to the load to finish with that definitive 76-67 that keeps the people of Tenerife undefeated.

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Hard-working victory for Lenovo Tenerife against a bully Girona