Gustavo Habenchus: “basketball changed and the team was able to understand that”

CHARATA (Agency) Two favorites remained on the road: Caupolicán and Cultural. In both keys, Sportivo became strong as a visitor to close their passage to the final in two games. Shining nameless, with a game that went from minor to major, not only did they get promotion but they are going for the desired crown.

Sportivo Argentino, one of those classified for Federal 2023 who will seek consecration as champion.

Hermoso Campo got used to vibrating with soccer, although -for a few years- it has been providing a litter of basketball players who even reached Argentine national teams. Given all the previous forecasts, among 17 teams, and without any noise, they reached the final of the Pre-Federal basketball at a steady pace.

“The truth is that this for me is something that is priceless. I work every day at the club, from six in the afternoon until half past eleven at night. I have my wife (Noelia Conradi) who helps me with training. Every day there is talk of basketball, on weekends it is played. I have my daughter who practices basketball (pre mini) and my son who is U15. Noelia, is at the control table. This was achieved, do it in family it is priceless”, the analysis of the coach, Gustavo Habenchus, after the classification speaks of how the club lives, and he particularly this historic achievement.

Knowing that they would define all playoff games as a visitor, Sportivo Argentino was forceful in each first game, to achieve closures at home. That key was sustained in the group of players, but mainly in the way they approached the objective.

“You work a lot, in double shifts. They understood that the only way was sacrifice and work. That there are no longer secrets, that nobody plays with the last name. Basketball has already changed, it is played in another way and they knew how to understand that,” he stressed. Habenchus.

Gustavo arrived at Sportivo Argentino, as a player 18 years ago. A lifetime has passed, and today as a coach he is already reaping achievements from a long way. “The people who received me continue to support me, like Sergio Graff, president of the institution. We went everywhere, and today he is at the head of the club. A family was formed, and thank God the people support a lot,” he added.

“The key was work,” repeats Habenchus, and says that at the beginning of the tournament they did not have a field because they were fixing the parquet. “Some times were managed that later the company did not comply with and we had the field a week before the tournament begins,” he explained.

“We talked with the players and they all agreed to train every day and in double shifts. That’s the key today, hard work and managing to find the team, something that happened after the third, fourth game until we managed to a game identity”, remarked

Asked by the rival in the final, the coach was clear “we know that whatever it is, they will be very difficult rivals, that we will have to fight the first game, because we don’t have the home field. We know that we are here for something, but we are going to have to show our best version in the final”

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Gustavo Habenchus: “basketball changed and the team was able to understand that”