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The athletics events are held at the Los Chasquis track, at the Pichincha Sports Concentration, and 100 men and 123 women participate.

Guayas won the women’s basketball final and completed 21 gold medals, to place first, and took nine out of Pichincha, at the end of the fifth and beginning of the sixth day of the National Youth Games Imbabura 2021.

Athletics events are held on the track Chasquis, of Sports Concentration of Pichincha, in Quito; while track cycling takes place at the velodrome Tulcán city, with the participation of 81 athletes, among women (18) and men (63).

The albiceleste team has 21 gold, 7 silver and 10 bronze medals; the gold and scarlet delegation is 12-20-18; Azuay, 11-11-12; Imbabura, 7-5-8; Tungurahua, 4-4-3; Pastaza, 3-1-4; Emeralds, 2-4-1; Loja, 2-2-5; Morona Santiago, 2-0-2; Napo, 2-0-0; Carchi, 1-5-5; The rivers, 1-4-4; among other.

In the women’s basketball final, Nohelia Moran he scored the last basket for his team, the Guayas quintet, to defeat Pichincha 52-39 and win the gold medal No. 21.

The albiceleste team reached final instances after winning 77-52 in the phase prior to Napo; while Pichincha, in the second semifinal, beat 42-37 to Azuay.

In the men’s semifinals, after Guayas lost the option to fight the gold medal, the selection of Orellana He had the courage to take the gold and red team out of the fight for the gold medal, by winning 67-58; while in the other key Imbabura, In a heart attack semifinal, he won 62-61 over Napo. The title must be disputed by Orellana and Imbabura.

In boxing

On the third day of boxing, among the results that were achieved are:

48 kilograms: Sisa Armas, from Pastaza 0 – 5 Adriana Andrade, from Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas

50 kg: Alicia Hurtado, from Imbabura 5 – 0 Paula Salas, from Pichincha

52 kg: Tania Noteno, from Pastaza 0 – 5 Jennifer Pardo, from Pichincha

54 kg: María Bumbila, from Pichincha, abandons fight against Lady Palaguachi, from Cañar

57 kg: Geraldine Otuna, from Pichincha, lost by decision to Wendy Grefa, from Napo

60 kg: Katty Sánchez, from Azuay 0 – 5 Kerly Tituaña, from Pichincha

66 kg: Estefanía Acosta, from Tungurahua, did not appear before Cindy Ordóñez, from Esmeraldas

In males

48 kg: Luis Rodríguez, from Los Ríos 2 – 3 Mateo Azogue, from Tungurahua

51 kg: Juan Rodríguez, from Azuay 5 – 0 Franklin Garcés, Carchi

54 kg: Jordan Caisaguano, from Cotopaxi 0 – 5 Jorge Cervantes, from Azuay

57 kg: Ariel Apuango, from Pichincha 2 – 3 Jeyson Sharup, from Zamora Chinchipe

71 kg: Ítalo Maldonado, from Sucumbíos 0 – 5 Gary Oyola, from Orellana

75 kg: Víctor Villacís, from Esmeraldas, won by RSC Marco Suárez, from Imbabura

80 kg: Jhondry Micolta, de Carchi 0 – 5 Jesús Galarza, from Los Ríos

More than 92 kilos: Michael Caicedo, from Cañar, won by RSC Wilson Guerrón, from Imbabura (D)

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Guayas wins women’s basketball final and adds 21 gold medals in the National Youth Games | Other Sports | sports