Group of northern doctors distance themselves from the current leadership of the Medical College | Daily Change

By Mario Sancristóbal
In the coming days, elections will be held to define authorities for the Uruguayan Medical College and the North Regional Council. For this reason, CAMBIO spoke with Dr. César Suárez, who is part of one of the lists that is presented in this electoral body and who promotes an alternation in the leadership of the Medical College.
“The elections will be held next Friday, August 27 and I am integrating one of the lists for the elections of authorities of the Northern Regional Medical College where there is a representative for each department. From this regional the departments of Artigas, Salto, Paysandú, Tacuarembó and Rivera are integrated, which has different proposals to how the CMU is currently facing the leadership, especially at the national level, ”said Suárez. He added that the current leadership departs from the principles contained in the law generated by the Uruguayan Medical College and it is necessary in his opinion to redirect the course to strictly comply with the objectives set by law.
In relation to where to vote, the schedule and how many professionals will participate in this election. “The voting will take place at the facilities of the Electoral Court at a time that will be defined by the authorities of the Court, but which will undoubtedly be wide so that all professionals can attend. All the doctors who are part of the Uruguayan Medical College vote, and in our case the Northern Regional includes professionals from Artigas, Salto Paysandú, Tacuarembó and Rivera ”. In case of not attending to vote, the non-attendance must be justified and if it is not done, the Court will surely establish sanctions that may be economic or those that it provides but it must be taken into account that the professionals in case of carrying out any procedure in the future They must have proof of vote or, failing that, proof of their inability to attend to do so.