Grego Rosello: Quintero’s premonition before the goal in Madrid, his “obsession” with Messi and more

The influencer and streamer opened the doors of his house to TyC Sports. What Juanfer told him before the historic final that River beat Boca in the Libertadores, his devotion to La Pulga and more.

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Some call the universe of streamers the “scene”, others speak of community. This place that can be accessed through digital platforms works with different rules than the world of television. An amphibian character is Grego Rosello, who, as he emerged from TV and then exploded on the networks, can function without problems in both universes. Currently this is what he does on his Twitch channel every Thursday with “Fernet con Grego”, a program with a television structure, but with rules and characteristics of the digital sphere. And perhaps because of this and because of Grego’s own imprint, it works very well. Characters such as Coscu, Duki, Momo, L-Gante… have already passed through this series of interviews.

“Honestly, I am very happy with the program. I did five years of television, I ended up calmly on ESPN, we had done well with Redes, I said ‘they are going to come looking for me from different channels’. I went to work with Lizy Tagliani in a role that I did not like very much, the program was soon lifted. Later in America I did not feel comfortable with the role of panelist. And the doors were not opening much for me. A medium Instagram that had abandoned him. And in a pandemic I see that my brothers were seeing Pimpe, Joaco, people I didn’t know who they were. I knew Momo, Coscu and not much else, and I’m beginning to understand what’s going on there. That to speak to an audience of 25, 30 years old, who are stopping watching TV, I had to go that way. Nothing came to me like a genius. When I started making videos on Instagram, which everyone said was the first, I saw that the gringos were already doing it. Joaco and Pimpe work, my friends, my little cousins, my brothers laugh at them. Now I am not going to get into a platform that I do not know to make a video reaction because that is what works for Coscu. I’m going to bring something that I know how to do. TV is somewhat in decline in terms of its content, perhaps due to lack of audience, for whatever reason, because it got dirty. So I said I would like to do something TV on Twitch. I liked fernet, so I thought ‘I’m going to do a program where I’m going to drink fernet with guests’. I started doing it with stand-comedian friends, the first to come was Momo. I saw the Coscu Army Awards two years ago and I was far from that world. And I ended this year nominated in three categories. I closed 2021 interviewing Coscu, Duki, but for doing it little by little. I knew Coscu and I didn’t invite him to the first show, I said ‘when he’s good he’s going to want to come’ and that’s how it wassays Grego.

The complete interview with Grego Rosello, on the TyC Sports YouTube channel


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This Bachelor of History, actor, comedian, driver, He was the first influencer who, through what he generated with his videos on the networks, managed to fill a Gran Rex theater in 2016 and 2017. This year, starting in April, it will return with a comedy show at the Piccadilly theater

– You are an actor, influencer, driver… How would you define yourself?

I think it could be as a comedian. Some will say, “I’m not funny”, but what I always say is that comedy encompasses everything I do. Today I am doing “Fernet con Grego” and the program works well when people in the chat are laughing. Then I like that it has a share of seriousness. For example, Joaco López has cried in the program, recounting his problem with addictions, Pablo Agustín recounted his coming out of the closet and if this was complicated in the relationship with his parents, Nachito Saralegui spoke about mental health and obviously there is no place for jokes or yes, which is even better.

– What do you think attracts the boys and girls who watch your program?

I think that what the Twitch and YouTube kids like today is precisely that this world and therefore my program, does not work like TV that has certain restrictions. I tell my guests ‘say what you want here’.

. Are there things on TV that cannot be done yet?

– There are restrictions on TV and the new generations used to watching on the internet, that bores them. We are all a character in front of the camera, but before this was huge. I don’t want to name any drivers, but we knew of one who was divine in front of the cameras and a bad guy off. That doesn’t work with today’s kids, because on Twitch you stream for three or four hours. My program has lasted five hours, you have to be Darín to act your personality for five hours, how do you do it? And what has to do with the fictitious, with the most acted, the boys don’t like it.

Among his most precious objects is a River shirt that the squad gave him after winning the final against Boca in Madrid. Grego has her in a painting because he considers that day to be the best of his life.

“I by context, by situations, by what was played, I define it as the best day of my life. I went to see that final thanks to the fact that it took me a mark. Everything happened together, he was going to work, but he was also going to see River. At halftime we were losing and I was bad. Several players from the Argentine National Team followed me, but almost none from River. The only one was Juanfer, who told me in the preview: “Don’t worry, Grego, I’ll nail them.” And when Quintero scored the goal, I must have been one of the people who shouted that goal the most. I was representing all my family and my friends. And when the game ended I started crying like a baby. I went to greet Juanfer at the hotel and went from a trip that I wasn’t going to go to, to being with the players at the celebration. The shirt is from that day. That’s why I say it’s one of the happiest days.”.

Grego Rossello

– I see many things of Messi in your house. Do you have devotion for him?

It is an obsession that I have with Messi. It already transcends football and there is also a subjective question that has to do with the fact that in 2015 he started following me on Instagram. After that I go one day to the Monumental and he greets me, thus achieving a beautiful television moment. Once again I go to Spain with La Liga, they half test me, they put me in a corridor to see if it was true that I had a good relationship and when Messi passed by he came over to say hello. I don’t forget those things. I am not objective. He is the best, but if someone told me otherwise, I am not objective with Messi.

Grego has some black and white paintings that represent his tastes, his artistic, musical and sports preferences. For example, ‘Violent Times’ is his favorite movie. “If someone didn’t see it, they have to see it now. I see her every once in a while. I really like the movies. I have my actor side diminished, I hope it will come out again soonGreg points out.

– You have a painting of Michael Jordan. Is he your idol?

– Like all boys, when they showed you Michael Jordan, you fell in love with basketball because of this guy. An alien. I make the parallelism between him and Maradona and LeBron with Messi. Both of them with many years in the elite, Diego and Jordán with less years, but a very winning attitude. I love Michael. Another idol I have is Jimmy Fallon. I think the one who does something similar here is Jey Mammon. But one day I will do it. What the gringos did was make a mathematical formula of why we laugh. I took stand up courses, I went to New York to watch comedies. There is a formula, but it is also true that there are people who are natural, I always give the example of Migue Granados. Everything comes spontaneously to him.

– Do you like basketball more than football?

All my life I liked basketball more than football. What happens is that I don’t have the passion for any basketball club that I have for River. I lived in the United States, and since I am from the country of Messi and Maradona, if you said that you played soccer, the expectation that there was was enormous. So I said I’m going to be the Latino who plays basketball. Nobody gave two mangoes, so I played all my life and more or less I defend myself.

“It’s an obsession I have with Messi”


"It is an obsession that I have with Messi"

– Why do you think that in the world of streamers there is no jealousy, nor envy, and on TV there is?

It has to do with a generational change that starts from Coscu, who has another head, who thinks that bread is not all for one, but that it can be shared. And on the Internet that is real. There are four air channels on TV and we are all at the same time, and we think, if they are watching this one, they are not watching me. Instead, today with the on demand they see this note when the balls are sung to them. So you are not taking a place out of “Fernet con Grego”, they will probably watch this interview and then go see my program or vice versa. Already the platforms help you to be more good people and besides these kids are.

– Do you have enemies?

I had a bard with Santi Maratea, but we’ve already resolved it. Maybe we always screwed that I chose my worst enemy because he is Jesus Christ. A guy who saves people’s lives, he puts out fires for you. I was a fool to choose my enemy. Today I try not to have quilombos with anyone, but I did change the chip of wanting everyone to like me. There must be people who don’t like me and there are people who don’t like me.

– How do you see yourself ten years from now?

– Before I had it clear and projected. You asked me two years ago and I told you I’m going to be the driver of Telefe, and he looks at everything that happened in between with the pandemic. I think I’m on the path of having my own production company and generating my own content.

– At one point you had a bad time, and one from here can say how bad were you if you have everything and you’re doing well?

I had a lot of anxiety, I thought it was depression, but I went to the psychiatrist and managed to locate what was happening to me. I still have anxiety because one eats this movie and it’s screwed. I always tell the same thing, I got on the plane to cover the final in kyiv and to my friends who support me a lot I told them, “Crazy on this trip I get up again”. I get back up from what! Between 2018 and 2019 I traveled abroad at the rate of once a month, a delirium. And for me those were bad years because not many people came to the theater or I had less likes. Today my likes on Instagram, which I look at because it has to do with the brands that bank me and with my work, they are on average 10,000, 20,000, I used to have 80,000. In another context these numbers would have killed me. Now I say ‘well, if I’m not giving Instagram so much ball, I’m with YouTube’ and that more or less works, but I’m not Bizarre It’s not that ‘Fernet con Grego’ is a success throughout the countrysome kids see it, they greet me in the street, It’s good for me, I can live from this so I give it forward.

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Grego Rosello: Quintero’s premonition before the goal in Madrid, his “obsession” with Messi and more