Good income for Bolmaro, Minnesota win and photo in pajamas

Leandro bolmaro continues to add experience ahead of its official debut in the NBA. While the Cordovan escort entered only 10 minutes in the victory against Los Angeles Clippers by 128-100, that time on the court was enough for close his best performance since joining Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Is that the ex Barcelona contributed 5 points, 2 rebounds, an assist, a block, but he also showed confidence in attack and a lot of commitment and intensity in defense. And above, as if all this were not enough, this Monday he also scored his first triple.

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While the Clippers started up front and they took the first quarter 30-27, Minnesota reversed the actions at the start of the second and from there it was all for the Timberwolves, that closed strong partials of 40-27, 29-22 and 32-21 to take the game.

Bolmaro entered with 2m10 to go to the end of the third quarter and, during that time on the court, he did not have a leading role in attack, but defended aggressively. All his points came in the last quarter.

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With the triumph, Minnesota is 3-0 this preseason and he’s already listed as a candidate to be one of the revelations of the Western Conference.

Trip to NY and pajamas

After the game, the Timberwolves took a night flight to New York, where this Thursday, at 8:30 p.m. they will face Brooklyn nets. And, in the preview of the trip, Coach Chris Finch surprised the team with a particular surprise: pajamas for everyone.

Since the flight from Ontario, California (where the game was played) to NY lasts more than seven hours, on the plane everyone took the opportunity to release their pajamas and there was no lack of a photo of the entire team with the particular look.

The campus traveled to New York in their pajamas.

The campus traveled to New York in their pajamas.