Gonzalo, the madman who makes you win

Gonzalo Fernández rose again leading a team that did not start, not even close, as a candidate. The merit of getting the most out of his squad to return a historic like Stockolmo to first.

The blue of the Prado was the cradle of great values, especially when Uruguay won things at the World and continental level; Adesio Lombardo, Raúl Ebers Mera and, closer in time, Luis Bicho Silveira.

The truth? This campus did not have such figures. It had unnamed names such as Juan Andrés Galletto and Tony Danridge (to repeat the successful trilogy of Larrañaga 2016) and Mauricio Arregui appeared, who had just been champion of the Uruguayan League in Biguá but without so many minutes. They were, in terms of names, the main exponents.

Then a bunch of kids, the kind that Fernández always empowers, absolutely always. His way of directing is particular: grumpy, angry, at times with a treatment that shocks those of us who are watching him. But the guy brings out his best version of his clients, it is undeniable.

In the peak stage Guillermo Curbelo and Mauricio Arregui, two undisputed starters of this team, were torn apart. And he found solutions; he worked and fought with his guns, never an excuse. Mateo Giano made the jump from substitute to figure, Pablo Gómez became the starter and both Pereira and Silveira had more minutes. And all were up to the task.

He is from Pablo López’s school, he started and was champion being his assistant in Malvín. Lots of rotation, intensity that is not negotiated, running the court and offensive mobility to find clear shots. And, fundamentally, that mythical phrase by López that Fernández also has as his main motto: “Defense makes us champion.”

As with Larrañaga, again the crazy Gonzalo ascending with a team that did not even enter the conversation of the candidates. A winner, that of yapa, helps to find the best version of his players. Complete. For the development of players and institutions that want to grow, an ideal coach.