Goes will seek against Trouville to match his historical record of 15 consecutive wins

The Uruguayan Basketball League has a luxury protagonist: Goes. Argentine Guillermo Narvarte’s team is not only the light leader of the regular phase but is also about to make history.

After beating Peñarol on Friday 61-55, the missionary reached 14 consecutive wins in the tournament being only one victory away from the historical record of the Uruguayan League.

the same belongs from the League 2012.2013 to Trouville who will precisely be his rival this Monday at 9:15 p.m. on Chucarro street.

Goes defeated Olimpia 77-66 in his debut, as a visitor, to lose on the second date against Urunday Universitario by a resounding 89-64.

Narvarte, a coach who changed the face of the club

Then he lost no more he beat everyone. To the champion Biguá (93-88), to the National vice-champion (84-81) and twice to Peñarol. The classic against Aguada was considered won 20-1 due to an outbreak of covid in the aguatero campus.

Led by the brothers Martín and Joaquín Osimani, the team has a great forward, the Argentinian Franco Giorgetti, a center who knows the League and the trade, the Venezuelan Néstor Colmenares, and at the parties he opted to add a shooter like Johwen Villegas as unnamed token replacement. There are also three youngsters who give rotation and freshness to the missionary: Ignacio Xavier, Mauricio Arregui and Nahuel Lemos, as well as a promising home base, Sebastián Sosa.

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Martín Osimani, driving and category

Trouville, led by Spaniard Mateo Rubio, managed to string together 15 victories in the 2012-2013 League losing in January 2013 his triumphal march against Bohemios.

Results of the 16th date

Olympia 84-79 Hebraica Macabi
World Olivol 70-67 Urupán
Malvin 68-80 Defender Sporting
Aguada 110-88 Capitol
Penarol 51-66 Goes
Trouville 112-81 Urunday University
Bigua 91-88 National

positions PTS pjs GP PP GF GF
Goes 31 16 fifteen one 1222 1049
bigua 27 fifteen 12 3 1314 1222
Urupán 27 16 eleven 5 1372 1282
Penarol 25 16 9 7 1228 1184
Malvin 25 16 9 7 1253 1291
Olympia 25 16 9 7 1331 1282
Hebrew Maccabi 23 16 7 9 1316 1378
watery 23 16 eleven 5 1251 1178
National twenty-one fifteen 6 9 1264 1296
Trouville twenty-one 16 5 eleven 1303 1363
World Olive Tree twenty-one 16 5 eleven 1231 1283
Sporting Defender twenty-one 16 5 eleven 1192 1253
Urunday University 19 fifteen 4 eleven 1175 1275
capitol 17 fifteen two 13 1192 1308

This is how the 17th date will be played

Capitol Olivol Mundial, Monday at 8:15 p.m. at Capitol
Trouville Goes, Monday at 9:15 p.m. in Trouville
Urupán Malvín, Monday at 9:15 p.m. in Urupan
University Urunday Peñarol, Monday at 9:15 p.m. in University Urunday
Defender Sporting-Aguada, Monday at 9:15 p.m. in Welcome
Hebraica Macabi Biguá, Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. at Larre Borges
National Olympia, Tuesday at 9:15 p.m. in Olympia

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Goes will seek against Trouville to match his historical record of 15 consecutive wins