Glory Diaz

The Studious women started with high perimeter perimeter, especially with a reliable seven-meter Fiorella Garbarino. Sinking over his paint, they managed to lower the scoring to an extremely stagnant Montevideo that started losing 13-2. After a minute, the Mercado got points from the debutant Aldana Piñeiro in counterattack and from there, she worked more collectively on the attack against the 5 × 5, to put a 10-2 with which she returned to the game (15-12).

Those of Marcelo Méndez won 23-3 the second boy with the most counterattack points, attacking in a good way, also the offensive rebound. The extended pressure, again asphyxiated an Urunday that was loaded with losses. The entry of Cynthia Díaz was essential in the set, providing a safe transfer and good attacks to the basket, plus the task of Argentina’s Piñeiro, who charged the team when it got stuck on offense. In this way, the Reds went on to win 35-18 at halftime.

After a tight start in the third, Montevideo in their runs and a 2 + 1 from Victoria Cardone, managed to break their offensive drought. Antonella Ormando put a bombshell for a Studious who, pressing the ball, found better offensive results. The fourth gave us glimpses of Díaz, which with his double rhythm added so that those of Porongos Street continued to increase. An over-whistled refereeing brought both teams a lot to the line. Luana Sigales with a triple off blocking, continued to increase the distance between the two teams. The third quarter ended 55-29.

The start of the last one was decorated with a moment from Ariadna Sánchez, who with a double penetration and a bombshell stretched the differences further. Montevideo flourished and took advantage of the final minutes to rotate its squad, with more good income and a great collective work.

The Market did not suffer worries in a heavy match to avoid the “13” and is excited again, with defining once again, the Bronze Cup.