Globant, the Argentine unicorn sets foot in the NBA: with which giant it sealed a historic alliance

The local unicorn is looking to expand its digital transformation business to highly demanded countries and fields such as sports. All the details

Globalthe Argentine unicorn specialized in technological solutions and innovation that a month ago sealed a historic agreement with LaLiga -the Spanish First Division soccer tournament-, continues with the global expansion of its business model and the industries that comprise it.

For example, the IT company recently struck major deals with other major soccer leagues as well. However, now, the firm is going for more and adds a new activity to its business portfolio: the basketball.

In this scenario, the digital native company focused on reinventing business through innovative technological solutions, announced an important partnership with the professional team Los Angeles Clippers (LA Clippers) for several years.

Globant: what is the alliance with the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA about?

The unicorn finalized the agreement with the aim of helping to integrate the digital roadmap for the Intuit Domethe team’s new stadium that will open in Inglewood (United States) from 2024.

According to the set of NBA (National Basketball Association)its new venue, built “for and by the fan”, will offer a unique, intense and intimate experience through technology.

As the Clippers’ digital transformation partner, the national company will connect the technologies that bring the team’s vision to life for Intuit Domewith a focus on minimizing friction and creating seamless connections for boost fan experience.

Globant teamed up with the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team to offer a unique experience in the brand new cast stadium, Intuit Dome

“The sports and entertainment industry is undergoing an incredible revolution with technology as its key enabler,” he said. Martín Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant.

According to the executive, Globant “supports some of the world’s largest sports, media and entertainment organizations to Accelerate your reinvention and digital transformation processes and deliver better experiences to fans, while increasing their overall engagement.”

“It is an honor to begin working with the LA Clippers and their team to reinvent the basketball experienceMigoya synthesized.

How will Globant help the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA?

Gillian Zucker, President of Business Operations for the LA Clippers reported that they have “incredible” plans to reinvent the way their fans interact with Clippers games live at the Intuit Dome.

Added to this is the “vast technological knowledge” and the “experience in the sports industry of Globantwho will help make our vision a reality”.

In this way, the LA Clippers executive highlighted that Globant will help them integrate technology “in a way that hasn’t been done before”while creating a end-to-end frictionless experience for every fan who visits Intuit Dome.

The LA Clippers and Globant initiative proposes

LA Clippers and Globant initiative proposes to “reinvent” the way their fans interact with live team games

Globant: how is the agreement that you sealed with FIFA?

In addition to the LA Clippers, Globant works with several of the world’s largest sports and entertainment organizations.

At the beginning of October, Globant announced an agreement with the FIFA to become the sponsor of the entity’s official global platform, FIFA+ and sponsor of its sporting events.

“Our goal is to introduce better end user experiences on the screens of millions of fansbringing sport closer to them through technology,” Migoya announced when he released the news on his social networks.

“We will also support and sponsor emblematic events, such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, and we will become a Global Sponsor of the FIFAe Series in 2023, 2024 and 2025,” the businessman added in a Twitter thread.

From FIFA they added that through its multifaceted support, Globant “will play a vital role in accelerating the development of FIFA+ as a innovative digital center that inspires and engages soccer fans globally.

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Globant, the Argentine unicorn sets foot in the NBA: with which giant it sealed a historic alliance