Giano is from Metro

For the second game of the semifinal series of El Metro, the faces Unión Atlética and Stockolmo were seen again. The former were obliged to obtain the victory to force a third game, while the latter, in the event of a victory, would be promoted to the first division after 27 years. Daniel Lovera presented a quintet made up of Joaquín Dios, Federico Ambrosoni, Felipe Trusich, Antonio Bivins and Nicolás Delgado. For their part, those commanded by Gonzalo Fernández took to the field with Juan Andrés Galletto, Nicolás Pereyra, Anthony Danridge, Pablo Gómez and Mauricio Arregui. Those in charge of administering justice were Alejandro Sánchez Varela, Gastón Rodríguez and Christian Barreiro.

The match played at the Peñarol Palace presented a clearly favorable start to the Barça team, who running the court and with a good offensive contribution from the club’s kids, Joaquin Dios and Federico Ambrosoni, managed to open a premature advantage of ten units (17-7 ), which forced the rival coach to burn his first minute of time. The blue of the Prado had serious defensive problems, while on the other side of the rectangle it depended in excess of what Juan Andrés Galletto and Anthony Danridge could generate individually. A triple from the latter broke the drought from the perimeter of the “S”, who had not been able to score from beyond 6.75 meters in his first nine attempts, being Galleto the most fought with the rim in that category with a 0 / 5. At the start of the second quarter, Castro and Pena’s men continued to abuse the outside shot, when attacking the basket they had obtained the best dividends. With a good entry from Felipe Rodríguez’s substitute bench, being aggressive in defense and giving a great hand in attack, those of Velsen Street managed to increase the difference in the score. At the worst moment, when his opponent had taken 16 from him, Stockolmo placed a partial 10-0, which gave him the possibility of narrowing the gap in the face of the long break. In one of the last plays of the initial stage, Antonio Bivins committed his third personal foul, committing himself for the rest of the game.

At the beginning of the second half, those from Nuevo Malvín were at the forefront in the electronic in figures from 31 to 25. In the first bars of the complement, a procedure similar to that of the closing of the first half could be observed, where the “visit” ended. concrete the reaction, getting to a point with a goal and a foul from Tony, who missed the free kick that could have equaled the score at 32. In the third quarter, both teams had their moment of nervousness, making it clear how much they had in Game. At the end of this period, the azulgrana had an advantage of two units in his favor, therefore, in the final ten minutes there would be a real battle. With five points in a row from Mateo Giano, those led by Gonzalo Fernández managed to go on to win, something that had not happened since the first offensive of the match. Precisely, two free of the sanducero in the absence of 4:39, allowed the Prado to get an income of five goals (54-49), which put a lot of pressure on the UA. Those commanded by Daniel Lovera tried to make one last effort, with a lot of self-love and with what the fan always asks of the players. For the end, both teams saved the best. A bomb from the corner of Nicolás Pereyra, put two up to the “S”, but in the reload a double from Bivins equaled the score at 64 with 19 seconds to play. Super Tony could be the hero again, but this time, the ball did not want to go in and the match went into overtime.

At the start of extra time, Felipe Trusich hit a triple and a double, which put Unión Atlética up by five points. However, the blue responded with a resounding 10-0, led by an inspired Mateo Giano. Despite suffering more than necessary in the final moments, Fernández’s men ended up closing the game with Pereyra free. Finally, Stockolmo was left with the victory by 79 to 75 and thus achieved promotion to the Uruguayan League 2022/23, returning to the first division after 27 years. The winner was the performance of Juan Andrés Galletto, who scored 23 points and grabbed 5 rebounds, seconded by Nicolás Pereyra with 20 points. On the loser’s side, Antonio Bivins contributed 21 points and 14 rebounds.