Giannis Antetokounmpo confesses in an interview with GQ | Long live basketball

The Most Valuable Player of the NBA Finals showed a part practically unknown to many in an interview presented by GQ magazine. In this talk with Zach Baron, Giannis Antetokounmpo, talks about several very interesting topics, from how difficult it was to get to the NBA, his vision about money, the difficult moments he went through to reach the championship and can even give a clue as to which one. it could be your future.

Giannis spoke about several topics and some of the most outstanding was the complicated situation he experienced during the NBA Finals, where he suffered severe dehydration for which it was necessary to give him serum on two occasions, the first occurred after game 5, the effort Giannis put him on the edge physically, he suffered cramps, his lips turned purple and his hands white:

“I was naked, I only had my towel, lying on the trainer’s table. I asked him if he could pass me the trash can. I threw up five times. “

So complex was the situation, that it took 45 minutes to find his vein, back at the hotel they had to repeat the dose and history repeated itself at the end of game 6, after his phenomenal performance of 50 points.

Giannis opens his heart and during the interview we were able to know how he lived the birth of his children and the importance of the memory of his father, who passed away a few years ago, in his life. Remember that even the night his father died, he went to the gym, because one of the lessons he learned from his parents was not to stop, keep moving and try not to feel pain, because if his parents ever did, they never did. they demonstrated. That also helped him face his first days in the NBA, at just 18 years old, he was a scared boy, but he had no other way, he wanted to help his family and that is why he only thought about working and improving.

Giannis shares that he has several jerseys of active players and of various legends such as Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki or Vince Carter, in addition to current rivals such as Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant or James Harden, Luka Doncic or Derrick Rose who he loves, but there is one in particular that he fondly keeps, one from LeBron James, who dedicated a message to him:

“For Giannis, aka The Greek Freak. Brother, continue to strive for greatness every day when you wake up. I love everything you represent for basketball and off the court as well. Sky is not the limit. Go further «

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Giannis also talks in the interview about why he decided to continue with the Bucks, he does not like the easy way and therefore he knew that he wanted to achieve something that seemed impossible, 50 years later, Milwaukee was once again champion of the hand of the Greek Freak. Without going into much detail, the interview leaves us with what may be a warning in the future of Giannis’s career, Milwaukee is for now the place where he wants to be, but the challenges do not stop and at 26 years old, there is much to conquer, although he can other than with the Bucks.

“A challenge was to bring a championship here and we did it, it was very difficult, but we achieved it, very very difficult, I love challenges, what is the next challenge? The next one might not be here. It’s not that I don’t love Milwaukee, my family and I decided to stay in this city that has taken care of us and that we love, in two years that could change. I am being totally honest with you, I am always honest, I love this city, I love this community, I want to help as much as possible ”.

It is an interview that is very worthwhile and we are sure that, if you are a fan of Giannis, after reading it you will gain even more admiration for his concepts and way of seeing life. If you want to browse and read it in full, you can follow it here.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo confesses in an interview with GQ | Long live basketball