Game suspended due to fire in the NBA: they evacuate the stadium

Pacal Siakam scored 23 points and The Toronto Raptors crushed the decimated Indiana Pacers 131-91 on Saturday, in a match interrupted for 70 minutes in the first half by a speaker fire that forced the evacuation of the public in the Canadian Scotiabank Arena.

Scottie Barnes added 19 points, Precious Achiwa had 18, OG Anunoby had 16, Chris Boucher finished with 11 and Thad Young matched that last number as the Raptors delivered their worst blowout of the season. None of the 19,800 spectators could stay until the end to watch Toronto move past Cleveland for sixth place in the Eastern Conference. The Raptors are one game behind the Bulls, who are fifth, with eight games remaining. Oshae Brissett led Indiana with 21 points, Justin Anderson added 18, Jalen Smith had 15 and Buddy Hield finished with 14. The Pacers have lost three straight and five of the last seven.

This is how the game ended: behind closed doors.

During the early periods, two sections of the stands behind the rim on the east side had been evacuated. Local firefighters could be seen standing in the empty hallways, looking up at the ceiling. “I wondered why they hadn’t sold tickets for those seats,” Raptors coach Nick Nurse said. “Then I saw the firefighters there.” Moments later, another section was cleared out as the match continued. And then several tests were done on the sound system, but the overhead speakers didn’t seem to work. A pungent smell began to invade the enclosure…

The smoke won the stadium.  (AP)

The smoke won the stadium. (AP)

“You could feel it, definitely,” Pacers coach Lloyd Pierce said. “By the time the game stopped, the smell was very pervasive.” Eventually, official venue announcer Herbie Kuhn indicated that the stadium would be evacuated by order of firefighters. He warned the spectators that the meeting was suspended. The players headed to the bench with 4:05 remaining in the second quarter. The Raptors were ahead 66-38.

Vital the work of firefighters.

Vital the work of firefighters.

A half hour after the stoppage, a Raptors spokesman said the club had checked with the fire department and the game could resume. Shortly afterward, two workers used ropes and harnesses to approach the array of loudspeakers hanging from the ceiling and above the stalls. Using an extinguisher, they put out the fire. Some employees who remained inside the arena cheered as the Raptors returned to the court to warm up.

The communication of the eviction was also made through the electronic board.

The communication of the eviction was also made through the electronic board.

Saturday results in the NBA

San Antonio to New Orleans 107-103
Sacramento to Orlando 114-110 (in overtime)
Toronto to Indiana 131-91
Chicago at Cleveland 98-94
Brooklyn to Miami 110-95
Memphis to Milwaukee 127-102
Denver at Oklahoma City 113-107 (Facundo Campazzo out sick)
Houston at Portland 115-98

The positions in the NBA

Eastern Conference:

.1. Philadelphia 76ers (46-27)
.two. Miami Heat (47-28)
.3. Boston Celtics (46-28)
.4. Milwaukee Bucks (46-28)
.5. Bulls (43-31)
.6. Toronto Raptors (42-32)
.7. Cleveland Cavaliers (41-33)
.8. Brooklyn Nets (39-35)
.9. Charlotte Hornets (38-36)
10. Atlanta Hawks (37-37)
11. New York Knicks (32-42)
12. Washington Wizards (31-42)
13. Indiana Pacers (25-50)
14.Detroit Pistons (20-54)
15. Orlando Magic (20-55)

Western Conference:

.1. Phoenix Suns (60-14)
.two. Memphis Grizzlies (52-23)
.3. Golden State Warriors (48-26)
.4. Utah Jazz (45-29)
.5. Dallas Mavericks (45-29)
.6. Denver Nuggets (44-31)
.7. Minnesota Timberwolves (43-32)
.8. LA Clippers (36-39)
.9. Los Angeles Lakers (31-42)
10. New Orleans Pelicans (31-43)
11. San Antonio Spurs (30-44)
12. Portland Trail Blazers (27-47)
13. Sacramento Kings (27-48)
14. Oklahoma City Thunder (21-53)
15. Houston Rockets (20-55).

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Game suspended due to fire in the NBA: they evacuate the stadium