Galley and Cane

In the only game scheduled for El Metro on Saturday, the faces Stockolmo and Cordón were seen. Both teams came from losing their undefeated, the first against Lagomar and the second against Colón. The winner would remain as the escort for the coast team. Gonzalo Fernández presented a quintet made up of Nicolás Pereyra, Juan Andrés Galletto, Guillermo Curbelo, Anthony Danridge and Mauricio Arregui. For their part, those led by Diego Losada began with Diego Álvarez, Bernardo Barrera, Octavio Medina, Emiliano Bastón and the Argentine Damián Tintorelli. Those in charge of administering justice were Andrés Laulhe, Joaquín Silvera and Andrés Bustelo.

The match played at the Romeo Schinca gym presented a fairly balanced start, in which both teams became strong in a specific sector of the field. The Galicia street team hurt the painted area through Emiliano Bastón and Damián Tintorelli, while the Camino Castro and Pena team hurt the perimeter, putting five of their first six attempted triples, three of them through Nicolás Pereyra . Prematurely, Nicolás Arregui committed his second personal foul, forcing the coach to take him out of the box, placing Sebastián Pereira in his place, who with a free kick with four minutes to go before the end of the first period, scored the first point of the “S “That no product was coming from a foreign launch. Precisely, the former Malvín, at the start of the second quarter, was also in charge of putting the first double of the blue in the match. After an extremely interesting start, the game fell into a hole, where inaccuracies appeared on both teams. Stockolmo dropped his percentages considerably from beyond 6.75 meters and Cordón no longer found Tintorelli easily at the low post. Taking the latter into account, Junín’s player left his comfort zone and began to punish with his fourth-rate shiver. The good entrance from the bench of substitutes of Fernando Ferreira, added to a pair of consecutive annotations of the Argentine, gave the “visit” the possibility of opening an advantage of seven goals.

At the beginning of the second half, those at the bottom of the bridge were in front of the electronic in figures from 39 to 35. In the first bars of the complement, a clearly favorable process could be observed for the eight-time Federal champion, who with a partial of 9 -0, he managed to get an income of 13 units (48-35). In this passage of the game, the figure of Bastón from Salta was again important, scoring both in the paint and from the perimeter. The Prado had a really bad time and as if that were not enough, their foreigner, Anthony Danridge committed the fourth foul, which compromised him for the rest of the game. The rebellion of Mateo Giano, added to the triples that reappeared, in this case through Pereyra and Curbelo, made those led by Gonzalo Fernández put within three points at the end of the third period. At the beginning of the last quarter, the “local” finished specifying the reaction, coming to the front with a quick 5-0. In the worst moment of their team, those led by Diego Losada found a couple of entries from Álvarez and Bastón, which gave them some peace of mind, as they took control of the actions. Stockolmo tried in the final minutes to hit the last shot again, mostly with individual impulses. However, a triple by Barrera and a pair of free-kicks by Medina, ended up giving Cordón the victory, in final figures of 80 to 76, thus reaching a 4-1 record, which leaves him as the only guard for the team. Lagomar leader.

In the winner the figure of Damián Tintorelli stood out, who scored 21 points and captured 14 rebounds, well accompanied by Emiliano Bastón with 19 points and 5 rebounds. On the loser’s side, Nicolás Pereyra finished as the top scorer with 21 points.

The next commitment of the albiceleste team will be on Thursday, when in the second hour they have to face the leader Lagomar. On that same day, but in the first turn, the blue del Prado will be facing Larre Borges.