For the neighborhood to celebrate

As expected, the game started with a lot of intensity, the two teams prioritized running the court. Verdirrojo played from the Dotti generation with breaks and downloads to the falls of the greats. While it was difficult for Miramar against planted defense but he was building from back to front to run. The departure of Corbisiero tied the sanducero Dotti to the base and with a good closing of Ottonello and Joaquín Núñez los Monitos closed 19-16 up.

In the second the team from Calle Gadea played better, but Verdirrojo found a flurry of three consecutive triples to pass. But it was difficult for del Cerro to score in general, and Miramar with a partial of 10-1 took out seven of income, enjoying a good job from Wineglass -triple included- and another bomb from Zachow. Los del Cerro took refuge in a 2-3 zone, Dotti’s return was with another launch from beyond 6.75 and Aguilera began to load the hoop. Verdi narrowed the gap, guarded the rebound well against an opponent without a goal – notably without Cousté or García Morandi – to equalize at 36 in the face of the long break.

For the second half the two began defending in the zone, within a changing room. Verdirrojo played the offense better, with Corbisiero and Dotti playing a preponderant role, he came to open 6, dominating much of the boy. With the changes -tactics and names- Diego Olivera’s team improved, who, going to the man, defended better. Also with Cousté and García Morandi he had more offensive threats and moved the ball better against the zone. Defending and running, he not only absorbed the lead, but went 57-55 up last.

Verdirrojo began the final period by posting Aguilera about García Morandi and from there he made money to open four of income averaging the boy. Miramar had a hard time attacking the area until a triple by Núñez shook the drowsiness. In any case, it was difficult for Olivera’s men to lend the ball to the inmates, they depended on the outside percentages and those from Cerro guarded well the rebound from their own hoop to run the court with Dotti and an important double from Manuel Monteverde. The Monos never had the offensive consistency to come back, beyond a triple by Morena; those of Ortega with a dunk from Aguilera, after a great pass from Corbisiero, seemed to sentence the story. But Núñez put emotion at the close and with a key pump he took charge of a hot moment to return the uncertainty, placing his team at two with 14 seconds remaining. Free from Aguilera and Monteverde sealed the final result: 84-78.