Fifteen discards from the G League 21/22

The G League is once again the protagonist on this website. What a joy to recover these old ways. After a year of impasse, because the last G League was different, this 21/22 the training camp to which players access through different channels: agreements with the NBA (who send them as affiliates), mode contracts two-way, through tryout, with membership of federative rights or via draft. It is clear that it is a more economically powerful league in terms of salaries than most of the European middle leagues and that the average level has risen. However, the numerous teams that there are make the list of players discarded in the training camp be extensive, having everything: from big names to semi-unknown players. What is clear is that then some are falling in LEB. In fact, in the article of the 19/20 there were players like Monaghan, Mukama or Cremo who are in Spain right now.

For time, I also do not want to make a very long list. As in other articles, the chosen ones are not the best or with the most cache, but players with a profile that maybe can fit in LEB Leagues. In addition, I have tried to prioritize the fact of having a non-EU passport. Undoubtedly there are many more interesting players, the following is just a small sampling.

The fifteen chosen

Alex Robinson
USA / 1995/185 cm
20/21: Vienna (Austria)
10 dc, 30 mi, 12.9 st, 6.6 re, 5.5 as

If you are looking for a “Wintering profile”, Alex Robinson is your man. After making his professional G League debut, the former TCU failed to establish himself in Austria last season. A low point guard with wide ball control and dribbling destabilizing, who knows how to assist and is a good penetrator, with a very reliable shot after bounce at three meters. His lack of consistency from the triple prevents him from reaching the top leagues at the moment.

Jack Pagenkopf
USA / 1997/190 cm
20/21: Ehingen (ProA, Germany)
32 mi, 15.5 pt, 4 k, 5.3 as.

Maybe one of the rookies Non-DI that surprised me the most on 20/21. What a year in the German ProA in one of the teams below, but with a very good game. From combo guard in college, last year was ‘one’ full time. With a light appearance, he surprises despite that lack of punch due to his centimeters and his skill as a gamer. Very good 1 × 1, to score from medium distance, excellent handling of the Q&A and game vision to assist. Comfortable in transition. It has to go further in its external launch.

Blake francis
USA / 1998/183 cm
20/21: Richmond (NCAA)
33 mi, 16.1 pt, 2.3 re, 2.1 as

The rookie it’s a combo guard Little boy with a scoring soul who has grown up between Wagner and Richmond and has been through the NBA summer leagues. Very fast in movement and with excellent ball handling, he creates imbalances with ease, knowing how to reach the basket without problems or look to double the pass. He gets up from any distance very easily, both with or without the ball, with a lot of danger from the triple. Able to receive and shoot or stop in the middle distance, he needs to mature his decision-making, without forcing the launch so much, and gain more weight as a game director. A player who if he grows back beyond his intelligence to steal balls and matures will have a wide range; the offensive instinct already has it.

Will tavares
Cape Verde – USA / 1995/198 cm
20/21: Olympic (Egypt)

The Cape Verdean was trained between a JUCO and Fordham, lived his first experiences in Argentina and Chile, where he excelled, and went to Egypt last year. It is a ‘two’ with good physique, very vertical in his penetrations (knowing how to finish in his arrivals to the rim), dangerous in the open field and with the capacity to generate. You should go further in your shot, but in Europe your profile can be searched.

Gary Chivichyan
USA – Armenia / 1996/193 cm
19/20: Pacific (NCAA)
18 mi, 7.9 pt

After his NCAA career he tried to try in the G League; he was unsuccessful, but continued to train his lethal shot. This course tried, with no luck, in the training camp. Reminds me of Ben Mockford, so LEB fans have a reference. Good physique, with high capacity to receive and score very effectively. With good defensive data behind, perhaps his mole is his one-dimensionality in attack. Will you want to try new experiences in other parts of the world?

Jimond Ivey
USA / 1993/196 cm
20/21: T71 (Luxembourg)
38 mi, 20.5 pt, 6.0 re, 5.1 ace, 1.0 ro

The Akron-trained American outsider made his professional debut at Zornotza. but the Covid stopped him when he was going to become a sensation of the competition, signing in Luxembourg with great performance last year. Mikel Garitaonandia, whoever was his coach at Zornotza, defines him like this: “Ivey came at a difficult time due to injuries and the qualifying table and helped us to redirect the situation by assuming a natural leadership. Able to do everything from the perimeter, it is very difficult to defend him in 1 × 1 on the right hand and in the open field, being able to generate from the direct block due to his passing and physical ability. Without being a shooter, he is able to score with good percentages especially in doubled ball situations. Defensively he is somewhat fickle, but in the hot moments of the game he was a very difficult player to overcome ”.

Landon taliaferro
USA / 1997/196 cm
20/21: Prizreni (Kosovo)
12 dc, 30 mi, 20.4 pt, 3.3 re

In summer we talk about him and like Trevor John, who has also been cut, is a shooter high precision. Now that everyone is in love with Calvin Hermanson (TAU Castelló), why not another shooter in the competition … This is what we used to say about him in the summer: “A real shooter. He already did well in Luxembourg (until the Covid break) and then in Kosovo he continued with his game (20.4 points, more than 4 triples scored and good percentages: 62% T2, 49% T3, 80% TL). Excellent hand, especially receiving and shooting. Physically he lacks strength, but, be careful, because he dares to lower the ball and seek penetration, running the transition comfortably. Pure definition of shooter ”.

Jaire grayer
USA / 1996/196 cm
20/21: Flint United (TBL, USA)
22.6 pt, 8.4 d, 2.6 ace

Grayer was a former George Mason star who after injury passed as a Graduate Student to TCU on 19/20 (12.1 pt, 7.4 re). However, last year he did not play until he reached the TBL semi-professional competition with his hometown team. A combo forward which will be ‘three’ in professionals. Of good physique, he can face taking advantage of his body, without being excessively fast, although he knows how to protect himself perfectly with it when he reaches the hoop. Good shooter of triples waiting open or in the corner, he is a player with quality to receive and shoot. Another virtue is his rebounding ability, always well positioned and with instinct, being a player who helps his team back.

Joel ntambwe
Belgium – DR Congo / 1998/203 cm
20/21: Texas Tech (NCAA)
3 dc, 4.7 st, 3.7 k, 1.0 ace

He excelled in predraft tournaments without surprising, although he did not do so with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in AfroBasket, a tournament he played despite having played only three games at Texas Tech, where he ended up after shining at UNLV as Freshman la 18/19 (11.8 pt, 5.5 d). A player with good physique and good mobility, very comfortable in situations of pick and pop and who dares to face. With good shooting range, he dares at the post, suffering against big players. His physique allows him to run the transition well and is effective on cuts. Still very young and in training, he must grow in decision-making and gain solidity in his game and behind. A project with wickers that will have to be shaped and see where it goes.

Lacey james
USA / 1996/206 cm
20/21: Surrey (UK)
27 mi, 12.8 pt, 8 re, 1.2 ta

I think focused is a player top if it manages to stay constant for 40 minutes. He is a power forward with good physique, capable of working with his back to the rim (very interesting) or facing his rival, working well on the offensive rebound and not hiding in the catch and shoot, although from afar it must gain consistency. Great qualities. If he improves decision making he will point to the big leagues.

Josh nzeakor
Nigeria – United States / 1997/203 cm
20/21: Athens (Argentina)
24 mi, 14.5 pt, 6.1 re

Experience in Europe, Africa and South America in just two years of professionalism. In Argentino we saw it in action with great results. We are talking about a 4 × 4 of 2 meters bare, but very mobile and fierce. Always attentive in the game without the ball, in the finish, in the work in the rebound or in the pick and roll producing. His shooting range is his point to improve, although he is increasingly comfortable. He’s inches behind and has excess defensive momentum at times, but he can have his niche if you put him in as a dirty-work player supporting the team’s star.

Lamine Diane
Senegal / 1997/201 cm
20/21: Delaware Blue Coats (G League)
5 dc, 10 mi, 3.0 pt, 4.0 d

Perhaps an impossible dream for LEB leagues, but after standing out in the Big and jumping to professionalism with only two years of university experience, Diane found herself face to face with reality: with her 201 centimeters and without an outside shot, she had hardly any minutes to spare. last G League and was cut this preseason. There is no doubt that he is a player who lives on his physique and size, as well as his mobility and his ability to cut or finish, run the court and even face, adding his work in aspects such as rebounding and intimidation that they made him get good numbers. It may be a forbidden dream, but it is the player profile that a course in Gold would do well to increase their tactical wealth and work on their fundamentals and consistency at launch.

Devonte patterson
USA / 1996/201 cm
20/21: Omaha Finest (TBL)
23.5 pt, 7.5 re, 2.5 ace

A player who has always stood out when they have left him, both at JUCO and at his small university. Even the Dallas Mavericks noticed him, always keeping him in mind during these two seasons since he graduated and even playing NBA summer leagues. He broke it in the TBL semi-pro league with Omaha. A player that we already defined in our section NCAA Underground as “an agile four, physical, with speed, capable of facing to attack the hoop and that dares to shoot from medium distance. With good ability to move without the ball and take advantage of the cuts ”. Its danger has been increasing from without. A hidden gem.

Cullen russo
USA / 1994/206 cm
19/20: KTP (Finland)
24 mi, 13.6 pt, 6.3 re

It didn’t play last 20/21 and maybe that can make it accessible to a good cache. With experience overseas In Japan and Europe, personally he is a ‘five’ that I like because he provides rebound and defense behind, being a very strong player, a stone in the crash, powerful and who does a little of everything if you let him: from being a good finisher, work the putbacks or surprise with his medium distance shot or with his ability to attack the rim. A safe bet.

Mike edwards
USA / 1997/206 cm
20/21: Dinamo (Georgia)
30 mi, 14.5 pt, 7.9 re, 1.9 as, 1.1 ta

He is not the most talented player on this list, but I think he is a modern 4-5 mix in terms of physique and mobility, with the ability to run the court and with two or three very marked movements at the post. In addition, he has been gaining shooting range, working from the triple in the pick and pop or standing still, being able to be forceful in the Q&A. He knows how to contribute backwards, holds the contacts, rebounds and works, although he lacks some explosiveness. A player on the road, who little by little is winning integers.

We would like to give thanks to the writer of this short article for this awesome content

Fifteen discards from the G League 21/22