FIBA Pre-Olympic Semifinals: how, when and where to watch Mexico vs. Brazil?


After obtaining second place in their group and advancing to the round, Mexico will face Brazil this Saturday, July 3, in the framework of the semifinals of the FIBA ​​Pre-Olympic. Learn the details about the Olympic Games qualifying contest game.

Mexico will play the semifinals of the FIBA ​​Olympic Qualification. (Photo: Getty Images)


Mexico will play the semifinals of the FIBA ​​Olympic Qualification. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Selection of Mexico keeps intact the hopes in the FIBA pre-Olympic, which provides the classification to the contest of basketball of the Tokyo Olympics. After the victory over Russia, the cast led by Omar quintero reached three points in his group, advanced round and now will face Brazil in the semifinals of the tournament that takes place in Split, Croatia.

– Mexico is excited about Tokyo 2020: victory against Russia in the FIBA ​​Pre-Olympic

The 12 Warriors had started their adventure in the competition on the wrong foot, since lost to Germany 82-76 on his debut. However, they managed to recover in their second presentation, beat Russia 72-64 and, consequently, they finished in second place in Group A and met the goal of entering the next phase.

– Mexico struggled but fell in the FIBA ​​Pre-Olympic debut against Germany

Brazil, next rival of Mexico, was the leader of Group B, with four points, and is one of the top candidates. So far, they have beaten Tunisia (83-57) and Croatia (94-67) in their first two games. The other semifinal will be made up of Germany and Croatia.

– The decision of the United States after the marginalization of LeBron James from Tokyo 2020

The championship demands the maximum from national teams because it only grants a ticket for the international event, which will be held in the Japanese city from July 23 to August 8. Therefore, Mexico must be proclaimed champion to return to the Games after 45 years. In his last participation, he finished tenth in Montreal 1976.

When and where do Mexico vs. Brazil for the FIBA ​​Olympic Qualification

Mexico will face Brazil east Saturday July 3, starting at 9.00 from Mexico, in the Spaladium Arena from Split in the framework of the semifinals of the FIBA ​​Pre-Olympic.

Where to see Mexico vs. Brazil for the FIBA ​​Olympic Qualification

The game can be observed LIVE Y LIVE from Mexico through the signs of Fox Sports 2 and livebasketball.TV, via streaming.

Those called up from Mexico in the FIBA ​​Pre-Olympic

The squad is made up of the following players: Paul Stoll, Orlando Méndez, Diego Willis, Francisco Cruz, José Estrada, Gabriel Girón Jr., Marco Ramos, Fabián Jaimes, Jorge Camacho, Alejandro Reyna, Daniel Amigo and Gustavo Ayón.

The teams qualified for the Olympic Games basketball tournament

So far, the countries that have already qualified for the international competition are Argentina, Japan, Spain, Australia, Nigeria, Iran, France and the United States.