Fell the first

The second half of the LBM week capped the first ascent. The entire definition instance, we tell you about it in our classic report.

Divisional B

The semifinals of the “B” opened, where The Kings, beat Peñarol Amateur first, with a 56-53 victory. Nicolás Alcieri scored the double and missed the win, in addition to being the top scorer of the match with 18 points.

In the second semi-final, Dejan Bodiroga beat the reigning “C” champion Celta Desvirgo by beating him 72-62. The 17 advantage at the end of the third, allowed the Serbian not to pass worries at the end of the game.

Promotions can be defined next week. On Friday, Dejan Bodiroga will look for the passage to the final and the promotion at 9:00 p.m., against Celta Desvirgo. On Saturday at 7:00 p.m., it will be the turn of The Kings and Peñarol Amateur.

Divisional C

MDAR is steadily moving towards the ascent. They remained undefeated in 12 games, defeating La Gaby 72-60 in the first semifinal. Bruno Magalhaes was the figure of the match, not only for his 24 points, but also for the moments in which he converted. On a second chance, the intern was key to getting the 10 rent in the second boy and later, before reactions, he was the one who added to direct a game in which he did not suffer to close it.

The rematch will be today at 9:30 p.m., when MDAR, will seek to maintain its undefeated and get its second consecutive title, by facing La Gaby. On Thursday at 8:15 p.m., CHBA will seek to stretch the series against Sportivo La Lechuza.

Today at 8:15 p.m., 5 Pal Peso and Darseneros will define the second descent.

Divisional D

After having lost in the first game of the series, La Marrón, asserted his advantage to eliminate Zoon Politikon, in figures of 45-40 and qualify for the semifinals. The relative with Bohemios, managed to avoid the comeback of the ZP, with a slap from Sebastián Riba and free from the player himself, added to those of Nahuel Altalef who sentenced the story.

The Costa Cabras, stretched its life in the divisional. He beat Todo Red, 47-34, to equalize the series. The Goats won it from end to end and with a 16-point lead at the last break, they managed to finish the game.

On Wednesday at 10:30 p.m., America will seek to ensure its permanence against Cagancha Square Dogs, which wants to stretch the series. On Friday at 8:15 pm, Todo Red and La Costa Cabras will define one of the descents to the “E”.

Next, it will be the playoffs turn, where Whiskey will try to ascend and get to the final, when he faces Zum Felde Pistols in the second point of the series. At the last minute, Bardotellis and La Marrón will open their semi-final.

Divisional E

León got into the semifinals for the first time, with his advantage, eliminating Yaguarí, by 53-43. The relative with August 25, controlled the process by loading the internal game and with a triple from Nicolás De Marco, he knew how to close it.

Palermo Dardorland, brought out the best of his group, to stretch the series against Millán and Raffo, in figures of 78-55. The Palermitano had several high points. Jair Gómez was the scorer with 22 points, Federico Risso escorted him with 20, as was Ángel Gómez, who was on the verge of triple-double, also adding 11 assists and 9 rebounds.

Today at 8:15 p.m., Shukushukule is going to ensure his stay with Mechasky.

On Thursday the quarterfinals will be closed from 9:15 p.m. Palermo Dardorland will open the day against Millán and Raffo, while next, Parque Rodó will play against Deportivo Montañés.

Divisional F

Olivol got the first promotion. He defeated Arrabal, 63-57, thanks to a great defensive last minute in which he did not allow points. Manuel Prado, with a double and a foul, allowed Oli to go to the front, who later closed with free César Teperino and Juan Cruz De Cola, the second, also being the scorer, with 20 points.

Aleti Torrente, kept his undefeated and took advantage in the semifinal, after beating the champion of the “G”, Entraña Fina, 59-46. Aleti, with 18 points of advantage at halftime, knew how to manage the difference to stay with the first point from end to end.

On Tuesday at 8:15 p.m., it will be the second point of the series, while next, We Speak and Panormus will play for the triangle for ninth place.

On Saturday at 8:15 p.m., it will be the first final.