El Rojo was left with a great match in “La Ribera” and once again beat its historic rival in the current season. In the framework of the seventeenth and penultimate date of the CAB Region Division 1, Daniel Maffei’s team prevailed by 84 to 83, with Núñez, Nicolás Maffei and Eterovich as figures. Náutico –which was not reached by Repetti’s 35 points- had two chances to obtain the victory in the final seconds.

Repetti was the top scorer in the classic with 35 points (14-21 in doubles, 1-1 in triples and 4-7 in free kicks). PHOTO IARA CERASI

Belgrano once again won the San Nicolás classic for the Federal Basketball League against Regatas, which this time he surpassed in “La Ribera” by 84 to 83, within the framework of the seventeenth date of the CAB Region Division 1. In this way, Náutico, who won first place in the group early, will close the regular phase without having been able to beat their historic rival, the only team they have not managed to beat out of all the ones they have faced this season. Also last night Gymnastics beat Temperley 78-61, who no longer has a chance of qualifying for the play-offs. Meanwhile, Sportmen achieved a key victory against Atalaya by 89 to 76 and complicated Somisa.

Belgrano won a great match, very changeable in its development, with the first and third quarters favorable to the visit and the second and last with superiority of the locals. And with a dramatic definition, in which Regatas had two options to win, after being down by sixteen at the start of the final segment (maximum difference in favor of Belgrano, 72-56). But, with 5 seconds at his disposal, he first couldn’t convert “Pato” Rodríguez and then, already suffocated with the clock, Mena couldn’t do it either.

In the winner, the most outstanding were Lucas Núñez, his scorer with 24 points (4-5 in doubles, 4-5 in triples and 4-4 in free throws), Nicolás Maffei, with 17 points and 9 assists and 9 rebounds, and Elías Eterovich, “double figure”, with 14 points and 12 rebounds. Regatas was not reached by the 35 points of Federico Repetti (+8 rebounds+3 assists+3 recoveries), top scorer of the night (with 14-21 in doubles, 1-1 in triples and 4-7 in free kicks).

Regatas on Sunday will visit Provincial, one of its escorts, while Belgrano will receive Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda, the last one.

Regattas 83

Belgrano 84

Referees: D. Monti-F. Anselm

Partials: 18-26, 25-12, 13-32, 27-14

Regattas (83): López 10, Ingrata 11, P. Rodríguez 9, Repetti 35, Mena 0 (fi), Andollo 4, N. Rodríguez 14. DT: Pablo Dastugue.

Belgrano (84): N. Maffei 17, Lagger 6, Calcaterra 9, Eterovich 14, Lallana 8 (fi), Núñez 24 (x), Gobetti 0, Alimena 0, Vercelli 0. DT: Daniel Maffei.



TEAM pts. pjs PG PP
regattas 27 fifteen 12 3
Gym 25 fifteen 10 5
Provincial 25 fifteen 10 5
Belgrano 24 fifteen 9 6
Watchtower 23 16 7 9
sportsmen 22 fifteen 7 8
temperley twenty fifteen 5 10
somise 19 14 5 9
Nautical 16 14 two 12

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