Facundo Campazzo: “I have to learn from this experience”

In the column that the base of the Argentine National Team writes in the newspaper The nationmakes clear his thoughts, his present and what will come in his career.

about rotation

“Not being part of the rotation I don’t take it personally, if I did it that way it would be a huge mistake. The first thing I do is put myself in the coach’s shoes, because if when it was my turn to play I wasn’t able to contribute anything to the team to achieve victories and to give it a good dynamic, it is logical that one as a coach has to try other alternatives. So, in order to get wins and make the team work, as a coach you have to get your group on the same page. And the reality is that this alternative that the coach selected is working well.”

The relationship with his teammates and the coach

“The teammates are close, perhaps one is more connected with those who do not play much, but in general there is a good connection between all of them. In the games we talk a lot and we encourage the team in the time-outs. I seek to be close to everyone, to participate, from time to time to speak and say what I see from the outside. The truth is that there are times when the matches are long, they become tedious, but in general, what I try to do is analyze the match in hand and think about what I can do if I have to play. The coach helps me a lot, he talks to me, keeps me alert and tells me to be ready for when I have to play. He also knows that my situation is not comfortable, but it is not easy to keep a whole team happy either”.

the playoffs

“Now that the playoffs are approaching, they make me want to play more, to compete, because they are the most beautiful moments that a basketball player can have. The atmosphere grows, you feel the scounting of the rival (the studio), the games of different way… You have a different energy. After all, what happens to me is that I miss playing, which is what I like the most. And I prepare myself in the same way as if I were in the rotation, because here one never knows when that opportunity is about to appear.

The Denver Nuggets host the Los Angeles Lakers on the last date of the regular season, next Sunday, April 10, starting at 10:30 p.m.


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Facundo Campazzo: “I have to learn from this experience”