Facu Campazzo and Luka Doncic watched the Argentina-Mexico game in the Mavs locker room

Facundo Campazzo, Argentine point guard for the Mavericks, was glued to the screen along with Luka Doncic in the Dallas team’s locker room to see the crucial game that the Argentine soccer team played this Saturday against Mexico in the World Cup in Qatar.

The Mavs played this Saturday in Toronto against the Raptors and, although the Texan team lost 105-100 against the Canadians, Campazzo smiled broadly when he was asked after the game about Argentina’s victory over Mexico.

to questions of EFECampazzo acknowledged that he did not detach himself from the screen, despite the fact that the Argentina-Mexico game was played shortly before the start of the Raptors-Maverciks in Toronto, and expressed his satisfaction with the victory of the Albiceleste.

“Yes, I saw it until the end, there in the locker room. I brought the iPad. The TV was also there with the Argentina game. On the bus I saw it a little bit and I followed it here. Well, happy. Happy because it was possible win”, explained the Argentinian point guard.

Campazzo added that he watched the soccer game together with his Mavericks teammate, the Slovenian Luka Doncic, and that there are many Dallas players who are following the soccer World Cup.

“With Luka we were watching it. He was there, who encouraged Mexico, he encouraged Argentina, there to joke around a bit. There are many players who are following the World Cup. We have from Australia, people from France, Germany quite a couple, so we watch the parties”, commented.

Subsequently, Campazzo said to questions from other media that “the first games are the most difficult, because you are nervous, anxious.”

“Obviously I don’t know much about football but from tournament experience that usually happens. Today was a game that for us was a final so it was experienced as such. After the victory people were very happy,” he concluded.

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Facu Campazzo and Luka Doncic watched the Argentina-Mexico game in the Mavs locker room