End of dream

By order of FIBA, both the women’s and men’s South American Leagues were canceled.

The end of the dream came for three compatriots teams that faced their international participation with great enthusiasm.

For the female Malvín, it is the second blow of the year, for a competition that faced with great expectation. Las T-shirts, with two foreigners in our country, suffered the postponement of the competition in April and when everything pointed to their return in September, it ended up being truncated. The multi-champions arrived at the meeting with a long and super competitive squad, as if to overcome Group A, which they shared with Gymnastic and Leonas from Chile, and Sodie Doces from Brazil, who was going to play in the trans-Andean country. Remember that the competition had already started in February and had Audaz Octubrino from Ecuador and Deportivo Berazategui from Argentina, classified in the final four. The best second was so far Leonas Medellín from Colombia, with a 2-1 record and +24 points difference.

In the male branch, Urunday Universitario was going to play a continental tournament for the first time in its history. After having stayed at the door in two editions, losing to Goes the closing on the last date and to Malvín the final of Super 4, the Student had broken the curse by accessing the semifinals of the last LUB, to earn the right to be competing at the South American level. However, the continental debut will not be possible. I was going to play in Group A, in the city of Corrientes, together with Regatas from Argentina, Deportivo San José from Paraguay and Bauru from Brazil, between October 7 and 9.

What to say about a continental champion like Olimpia, who returned to the ring in this edition of the contest after having qualified for the LUB semifinals, after having been at the door for two seasons in a row. Those led by Gerardo Jauri, were part of Group C to be played in the city of Puerto Varas. Atlético Puerto Varas from Chile, Club San Martín and Oberá Tenis Club from Argentina, were to be their rivals, between October 21 and 23.