Embiid-Jokic, an even fight between dominant centers

Nikola Jockiccurrent NBA MVP and Joel Embid They have a lot in common. Every night they seem hell-bent on proving that whatever the Denver Nuggets center does, the Philadelphia 76ers center can do better and vice versa.

Coincidence or not, the two ‘big men’ have played on the same day in each of their teams’ last 4 games and racked up monster numbers.

The Cameroonian, who strangely is not among the candidates to win the Most Valuable Player award this season, has been providing records beyond All-Star caliber, he is equating himself with legends of the Association such as Wilt Chamberlain; however, what concerns us now is the very even performance of both centers in recent nights.

Date Player Pts-Reb-Asis/Player Pts-Reb-Asis*

Jan 19 Embiid 50-12-2/Jokic 49-14-10

Jan 21 Embiid 40-13-6/Jokic 11-26-12

Jan 23 Embiid 38-12-6 / Jokic 34-9-8

Jan 25 Embiid 42-14-4/Jokic 28-21-9

Embiif Averages 42-12-4/Jokic Averages 34-13-9

*(last 4 games)

According to the research of ESPN Stats & Infothe Cameroonian center of the Sixers has scored 170 points in just over 128 minutes during his last 4 games, with 1.32 points per minute.

But how impressive is that? Well, the only player with the most points per minute over a span of 4 games since minutes became official in 1951-52 is Wilt Chamberlin (min. 50 minutes). The Wilt legs overlap and each consists of your 100-point game.

But Jokic’s records are not far behind. The ‘Joker’ is the only player in NBA history to reach 5,000 rebounds and 3,000 assists during the first 500 games of his career.

So far this season, this pair of giants have met once, with Embiid and company winning 103-89 on November 18. On that night, the African did not play, while Jokic saw action in 35 minutes during which he had 30 points, 10 boards and 9 assists.

Without a doubt, it will be a separate attraction to see them on the court next March 14 and hopefully by those dates, both will maintain that even fight to show who is the most dominant and complete center that the NBA currently has.

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Embiid-Jokic, an even fight between dominant centers