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The leadership of the El Ceibo Club conveyed to the Province Basketball Federation, through a statement, their dissatisfaction with the determination to postpone the fifth point of the final.

In the statement the leaders express “We cannot help but express deep concern about the mechanism applied in decision-making since it does not comply with regulations”.

They add that “We also want to make it very clear that in no way is it our intention to gain a sporting advantage because of what happened, but rather that we consider that a determination of this nature cannot be carried out in an unconsulted and unilateral way, taking into account the expectations of our fans. and a large part of the San Francisco community and the commitments assumed by our institution to face this game “.

At another point they claim that “We must make it clear that Asociación El Ceibo was not consulted at any time, throughout this process, much less our team of medical professionals was able to access the supporting documentation, or the certificates of the health professionals that account for the trouble”.

The full statement:

The word of Blengini and Tomatis

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The El Ceibo coach referred to this situation and said that “It gives you a lot of anger. We had everything already organized with departure time, the hotel and we had breakfast with this. There will be authorized and trained people who made the decision they had to make. We were prepared to play this Friday “.

Added that “Later each one will draw the conclusions and others. I do not want to be disrespectful in the face of the situation and the action taken, we will abide by it. You have been in this for quite a few years and a lot of things know what they are about. There have already been behaviors that were not ideal in them and this creates and opens a lot of questions to the veracity “.

For his part, Matías Tomatis, leader of the “national flower” said that “We had breakfast with on Wednesday the leaders of Banda Norte asked for the game to be postponed due to the fact that they were intoxicated, they had gastroenteritis. I don’t know what the diagnosis of the doctors in Río Cuarto is. If it is endorsed by doctors, there is not much to talk about “.

He also stated that “In the sporting part, it certainly hurts us. We had the team ready to play on Friday. As a leader, I have to believe in the good fortune of the people of Río Cuarto. They were physically, from my point of view, worse than us and this is going to give them a handicap to recover “.

Finally he assumed that “There is a reality that a game is going to be played and we are prepared and very confident to win it”.

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El Ceibo issued a statement for the decision – DiarioSports – San Francisco