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The “National Flower” bet big for the Provincial League that will begin this Friday. The objective is clear: to be the protagonist and fight for the only promotion to the Federal Tournament.

He has been wanting for a long time; When he decided to bet heavily on building the team, the pandemic held him back in competition, but not in preparation. The hiring of Eduardo Blengini as coach was a sign, but not the only one.

Eduardo Blengini, DT of El Ceibo.

El Ceibo Association waited, did not despair and this Friday in Córdoba it will begin a path that it has been visualizing in all these long months. The “National Flower” will face Matienzo on the first date of Zone C of the Provincial Basketball League, which also has Almafuerte de Las Varillas and Bochas de Colonia Caroya.

This competition has only one prize and many candidates who will go in search of it. The 24th edition will feature the participation of 20 teams, divided into 5 zones. The next instance will be accessed by the two best of each group and plus the two best third parties (12 in total). Finishing in the Top4 of the general table is an incentive to jump directly to the quarterfinals (from 5th to 12th they play eighth).

El Ceibo will play at home on the 24th against Almafuerte

Another of the signs that El Ceibo gave, in its promotion aspirations, is the record of Agustín Lozano with a career in the Argentine and Federal League; the base returned to his hometown after several years in different parts of the country. The bad one? The retirement of Martín Müller, an emblematic player of the institution who decided to “hang up his shoes” amid the uncertainty that was experienced in the month of July.

Agustín Lozano, experience in the “Flower”

With the bona fide list closed, Blengini will have 7 major chips: Agustín Lozano, Tomás Silveira, Mateo Silveira, Germán Ruffino, Agustín Blasi, Pablo Godino and Martín Sauco; who join four U21s: Bruno Pérez, Aaron Bono, Tomás Paschetto and the recent incorporation of Lautaro Florito, more youthful like Benjamín Almada and Tiago Tomattis, among others.

Lautaro Florito is the latest addition

The maelstrom of the Provincial League will be frantic. In little more than three months it will be played in its entirety; A maximum of 20 games can be played and a minimum of 6 in the group phase. Eighths, quarterfinals and semifinals will be the best of 3 points, while the final will be 5.

For the “Flower”, the positive thing is that it comes in competition, playing the Associative Tournament and being a leader and undefeated with six disputed dates. In just one month (October 15 last group date) he will define a large part of his future.

El Ceibo and a Provincial dream… from Friday he will want to make it come true.

This will be the fixture of Zone C:

1st date:
Matienzo vs El Ceibo
Almafuerte vs Bochas

2nd date:
El Ceibo vs Almafuerte
Bocce vs Matienzo

3rd date:
El Ceibo vs Bochas
Matienzo vs Almafuerte

4th date:
Bochas vs El Ceibo
Almafuerte vs Matienzo

5th date:
Almafuerte vs El Ceibo
Matienzo vs Bochas

6th date:
El Ceibo vs Matienzo
Bochas vs Almafuerte