Edomex 2021 Sports Cups for Chess, Basketball, Boxing, Soccer, Basque Ball and Squash are being prepared

To promote organized and structured sports among the Mexican population, The Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the state of Mexico announced that it will develop the Edomex Sports Cups 2021, contemplating in this edition the disciplines of Chess, Basketball, Boxing, Soccer, Basque Ball and Squash, as well as a Baseball exhibition.

The first time this initiative was developed was in 2019 (Photo: special).

Hand in hand with the sports associations of each of the disciplines, will organize high quality tournaments so that Mexicans, young and old, have the opportunity to live a great competitive experience, equated to national events.

The Secretariat highlighted that the first time this initiative was developed was in 2019 with great acceptance by the people of Mexico, but in 2020 and in the face of sanitary measures, the Chess Cup was only held virtually.

It is because of that in the return of the Edomex Cups in person, another fundamental aspect will be the care of the sanitary protocols in order to avoid contagion by COVID-19, such as the restriction of access to spaces to the general public, taking care of the capacity indicated at that time by the epidemiological traffic light, as well as the mandatory use of a mask, among others.

The competition system will be determined by the corresponding sports Associations, which is why it will be a space in which in addition to seeking to activate the Mexican population, it can be a hotbed to detect talents, which later they can be incorporated into the Mexican state selected; so one of the essential requirements to register is that the competitors are from Mexico.

“The idea of ​​the Cups is to detect that sports talent, which exists in our state of Mexico, that from your neighborhood or neighborhood you can participate and become a state champion of the discipline to which you dedicate yourself. It is an event for amateurs and we can detect talents, so that later they can develop in the disciplines that are practiced, “said Alan Martín Téllez Arzate, Deputy Director of Physical Culture.

Regarding how many people are intended to be part of this edition of the Edomex Cups, Alan Téllez determined that, Despite the fact that the intention is the massification of the sport, it is necessary to act responsibly in accordance with the new normality, That is why, although it is an open invitation event, on this occasion the children’s category was abolished, in order to protect this sector of the population, in team sports.

The first Cup to be held will be the one corresponding to chess, which It will take place in its qualifying stage on October 16 and 17, virtually and the final on 23 and 24, in person, at the facilities of the “Agustín Millán” Sports Development Center, in Toluca.

Later, they will develop the Cups of the other sports, to conclude with the soccer one on December 3, 4 and 5, at headquarters to be confirmed, being this discipline the one with the greatest roots in the country and therefore a greater number of fans.

Those interested in registering can visit the site https://culturaydeporte.edomex.gob.mx/convocatorias, where each of the calls with the necessary information for registration is available.