EBA: The best U22 of the week

The good performances of the youngsters continue in the EBA League, which sometimes reminds one of that competition that was created for that purpose of the evolution of these players. Like every Thursday, we review what the best U22 performances of the weekend have been.

U22: 2000 and later years

Group A

AA Group

Defeat at home of those who hurt Raisan Pas Piélagos de Mario Solórzano (’01 / 17 pt, 3 aces), which was not enough to face the Nissan Group of Santiago de Bernard Edokpayi (’03 / 23 pt, 27 val) Y Álvaro Martínez (’03 / 14pt, 12d).

very complete game Ismael Diarrá (’01 / 18 pt, 7 re, 5 ace) in Becedo Santander’s victory on the Ardoi track.

Twelfth victory of the course for a Getxo SBT that beat Valle de Egüés by the minimum, with a great match from Asier González (’00 / 20 pt, 11 re, 31 val).

Cantbasket04 was superior and won the derby against Los Arcos CB Solares Restaurant in Diego Garcia (’00 / 18 pt).

Enormous defensive work by Baskonia B of Franger Pirela (’02 / 16 points in 15 minutes, 7/7 FG) Y Robert Birmingham (’04 / 12 points in 12 minutes), which dismantled the Venta de Baños Veymaq OK Hotels of Papa Njie (’03/15 pt).

Martín Dorronsoro (’01 / 15 pt, 12 re) he became the owner of the painting in the important victory of Easo Bodegas Muga at home against LogroBasket.

Iñigo Núñez’s solid CB Santurtzi SK does not fail and continues to lead after beating Zarautz in a clash in which he was lethal from the triple Bingen Perez (’01 / 16 pt).

AB group

First victory away from Pumarín of the subsidiary of Unicaja Banco Oviedo, who won in Culleredo with Fernando Suárez (’03 / 16 pt, 21 val) again as a stylet.

Processing match for the ULE Basket León de Diego Bultó (’02 / 17 pt, 5 re, 4 ro) Y Rodrigo Llamas (’01 / 22 pt), who swept bottom player Claret.

Serious match of CB La Flecha against Solgaleo Bosco Salesianos, with Pablo Martin (’01, 17pt) being basic for the people of Valladolid and Lionel Kouadio (’01 / 26pt, 11d), Tomás Chapero (’01 / 20 pt, 10 re, 29 val) Y Pablo Rodriguez (’01 / 23 pt) doing the same for the people of Ourense.

grand debut of Artem Yailo (’00 / 16 points and 8 rebounds in 17 minutes) with an Obradoiro Silleda who did not suffer too much to break Óbila.

B Group

The Transport Gobra Güímar of Jonathan Jorge (’01 / 15 points in 18 minutes) was surprised on his field by Movistar Estudiantes B from a Alejandro Montero (’03 / 22pt) that he was sure from the free kick (TL 11/12).

let go of her wrist Álex Navas (’00 / 28 pt, 4 ace, 33 val), well supported by Joel Juarez (’02 / 15 pt) in the victory of Náutico Tenerife in Majadahonda.

Explosive Juanjo Jimenez (’01), who scored 16 points in 19 minutes in the triumph of Uros de Rivas against a tough rival like Basketball Alcalá de Charly Unanue (’00 / 29 pt, 5 aces) Y Óscar Méndez (’00 / 19 pt, 5 re), who did not miss their appointment.

Group C

Group C1
No featured U22s
Group C2

Torrons Vicens CB L’Hospitalet continues on his way and beat Almozara in a match in which he prevailed at the hoops Alberto Vicente (’03 / 9pt, 10pt).

Group C3

There are already thirteen wins in as many games that the Barça subsidiary added, which was much superior on the Santfeliuenc court, where they activated the superstar mode Agustin Ubal (’03 / 25 pt) Y Michael Caicedo (’03 / 20pt).

Unmitigated triumph for CB Navàs Viscola de Albert Planell (’02 / 17pt, 7d) Y Fallou Niang (’01/20 pt, 13d) against the affiliate of Bahía San Agustín.

Group D

DA group

By the minimum, Peñarroya beat a Melilla Sport Capital Enrique Soler B where Olle Stumer (’00) had another day at the office (19 points).

Unicaja Andalucía did not give an option during its visit to Andújar, uncovering itself at the launch Ruben Vicente (’05/21 pt, 8/18 TC).

DB group

The trident formed by Markos Baknal (’02 / 19pt, 13d), Jaron Held (’02 / 19pt) and the gamer Gabriel Perez (’02 / 24 pt) he led the triumph of the City of Badajoz Academy in the Extremaduran derby against the Cáceres subsidiary.

Despite the 22 points from Edu Quijada (’03), Xerez Club Deportivo could not change their streak and fell to Real Betis Baloncesto B in David Gómez (’04 / 26 pt, 12d), Demba Sheriff (’04 / 13 pt, 12 d) and Yalita Boubacar (’06 / 11 d).

Tenth consecutive win for Sagrado Corazón Lithium Iberia, which beat CBSFDO with 18 points, 12 rebounds and 7 assists from Andreas Tsoumanis (’02).

Group E
there was no day

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EBA: The best U22 of the week