Don’t forget about Malvín

The T-shirts started the match better, appealing to run and breaks down the central street, for short shots, with which they nourished themselves with points in the paint. El Lago found a 3-point scoring streak to level the score, opening up space for Selena Medrick to start scoring at the low post. The extensive rotation of the Blues began to take part in the hot CEFUBB afternoon and from there, the points of Emilia Larre Borges and Fernanda Midaglia arrived, to take an early 9 points advantage (28-19).

In a somewhat more imprecise second-quarter start, the triples by Larre Borges and Sabina Bello gave Malvín a two-digit advantage. The area gave a lot of results to Juan Pablo Serdio and his directors. After a minute of the Head to crack an offense, Fiorella Martinelli joined the triple feast, to which he added one more from Emilia. Those of Avenida Legrand, taking advantage of the cuts along the bottom line, continued to add, but the Lake made up the score somewhat from the talent of Paula Reggiardo. The first half ended with an advantage of the multi-champions, by 18 (46-28).

Las T-shirts, with good passages from Midaglia and Pucheti, increased the advantage, in a passage where they managed to raise the pace of the game. José Fernández tried to stop the game, looking for the reaction, but he came across a bullfighting show from Pucheti. The blue sinned to enter quickly in groups, solving the ways to the goal to a Lagomar, stuck in the 5 × 5. In any case, with good movements of the ball in the counterattack, he managed to finish the game, with a 38 advantage (75-37).

Serdio planted his second unit in the fourth quarter, where he landed early runs to stretch the lead. In any case, the canary grew, who with 3s from Reggiardo, managed to make the gap shorter. Agustina Aceredo had good passages from the generation, but on the other side, the green ones also added from Reggiardo’s posting. La Playa and its falls, wreaked havoc on the defense of de la Costa, who had the chance to play on the open court to make the score more thrashed. Malvín won it 90-57 and approached his participation in the semifinals in a good way.

In the Playero, the 20 points of Johanna Pucheti stood out, seconded by Emilia Larre Borges, with 13 goals. At Lagomar, Paula Reggiardo was the top scorer with 29 points.

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Don’t forget about Malvín