Deportivo Chamizal, hotbed of promises in basketball

By Abril Villegas

Photos: Oswaldo Figueroa

The sport It is an incentive for children and young people, because instead of being at home or on the street, sports activity helps them to have a better life in every way.


That way he absolutely believes it Alejandro Hernandez, coach of the Lobos Cham-pions team, who every day trains a group of boys and girls with the intention of instilling the sport and in the not too distant future to have a seedbed.

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“This project happened because in the neighborhood there is a lot of drug addiction, violence, robbery, assaults, many children who from the age of five, seven years are already on the street alone, I try to recover these children to help them and instill in them a sport and that they take love of the sport so that in the not too distant future and are at the right age they reach a state level competition, a district level and why not, get to a representative team, that they take a tour of Guadalajara, Monterrey, Quintana Roo ”, he confessed.

Currently the Professor Hernández It has a group of more than 60 students between the ages of 5 and 20, where boys and girls enjoy basketball.

“In fact there is no age limit and include all people, for example, right now I have an adult who is 25 years old and has a disability, but we include him so that he can learn what sport is and in very few places have this ease, unfortunately we live in a society with too much discrimination in which if we see it, you cannot train or they limit them, they come and tell them: you are going to train, but you are not going to train ball bounce or you are only going to run, they limit them , they don’t let them do what others do, just because of their ability, here at the club we have this person and that is what we seek to include everyone, “he said in an exclusive interview for THIS.


The Chamizal sports car that was rehabilitated a few months ago, it is located in the municipality of Ecatepec, an ideal place to establish in the future a seedbed that in the long run can represent your team in national or international events.

“For the children to continue learning, that is my great objective is to seek satisfaction as a teacher and for them to realize that they can fight for a championship, that they can fight for a place in a team where at some point with the national team or even in the national team, they are at an excellent age to learn all the basics of basketball and apply them in their daily lives, because it is like at school, at work, there are values, there is teamwork, they are things that go beyond of the game, it will help them in their day-to-day life and to develop as people ”.

In three months of the project, the women’s team Wolves Cham-pions, they have already debuted in official games and the other categories will do so soon.

“They have already had two official games in a league, the teenagers are about to make their debut and the other categories are about to do it as well, many schools take between three and six months to get them into a league and I feel that it is a lot behind them, I have an approximate of 60 and 70 students, I divide the older ones into Monday and Wednesday and the little ones on Tuesday and Thursday and on Friday we all get together so they don’t arrive so misplaced to class and on Sunday they already play a good role in the games, the girls are already playing well They are doing a good job ”, he concluded.

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