Debut that Prometey

For the first date of group A of the Basketball Champions League, Lenovo Tenerife beat Prometey from Ukraine in the last ball and starts the contest with the right foot.

Ukrainians and Spaniards met at the “Yunost” Sports Palace, the latter with the Uruguayan being present from the start. The visitors started hurting on the perimeter thanks to the contributions of Sasu Salin, Fitipaldo and Doornekamp, ​​while the homeowners did the same with Illya Sydorov. The two lowered the scoring pace from the triple and began to play on the bass, as well as from the staff shots. In this way, Prometey was a little thinner and ended up taking the first boy 19-18.

The next quarter continued to show the tenants very strong in the painted area thanks to the contribution of Miro Bilan, both scoring and assisting. The Canaries were not having a good performance in terms of free practice, but a 5-0 by the former Malvín in a matter of seconds put them back in the game. However, at the end the figures of D’Angelo Harrison appeared with the outside shot and Sean Evans below the basket, this being lapidary for the whole of the island, which went down to the dressing room 43-32.

The complement showed those led by Txus Vidorreta, since in a matter of a minute and a half he put a 7-0 Sasu Salin and our compatriot as the standard. The following possessions had the two teams committing errors in the definitions and in the passes, which was favorable for Lenovo Tenerife, which took advantage of that rival’s confusion and not only what happened to the front by the minimum, but continued long thanks to that the Finn was inspired from 6.75. Despite the efforts of those led by Ronen Ginzburg to keep Salin, he followed suit and the third period went 58-47.

The last quarter started with the Kamianské team entrusting Viacheslav Petrov from the outside shot and the contributions of Harrison, making the distance only one possession. Despite the efforts of Emir Sulejmanovic and Salin to maintain the income, Harrison was again an executioner and managed to equalize the shares with 70 seconds left. With the last ball for the Spaniards, a great uncheck with later assistance from the point guard of our team allowed Doornekamp a comfortable shot, which from the corner and on the buzzer unleashed the aurinegra madness. The score was 73-70.

The winner was the figure of Sasu Salin, who dispatched with 33 points (8/13 in triples). In the loser, D’Angelo Harrison put 22 units. Meanwhile, Bruno Fitipaldo had a great performance, since 30:06 minutes collaborated with 13 points (3/3 in doubles, 2/5 in triples and 1/2 in free), 4 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal.

With this victory, Lenovo Tenerife is second in group A with a 1-0 record. In first place is MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg also 1-0, then in third place are the Ukrainians and Banco di Sardegna Sassari closes it.

The next game for the Canary Islands team will be on Sunday 10 against Jayson Granger’s Baskonia as a visitor.