Cunningham debuts and claims to feel healthy

A new era for the Detroit Pistons is officially underway with the debut of the number pick, Cade cunningham, during Saturday’s 110-103 win over the Orlando Magic.

Cunningham missed the entire preseason and the first four games of the regular series due to a sprained ankle suffered during training camp. I was under a 20 to 25 minute restriction.

He had two points, seven rebounds and two assists in 18 minutes. His two points were the fewest in the NBA debut of a No. 1 pick since Anthony Bennett in 2013, who also finished with two points.

However, he saw things differently from his perspective, especially after an injury.

“I think it was good. I’m looking forward to getting in, just being able to make some plays with the ball, get some rebounds. I felt like I was solid defensively,” Cunningham said. “And, I mean, those are the points where I really wanted to get out and show myself that my ankle was ready and that I could move and defend and do everything else. So, I took all my nerves out,” he said.

Cunningham said he was looking forward to finally getting on the court after being out of the game for so long. His only basket came off a ‘layup’ in the second quarter.

“I wouldn’t say it was something I didn’t imagine or couldn’t imagine,” Cunningham said. “But, every time you go out, it’s always different than what you might have had in your head, once you went out, all the time you spent trying to prepare your mind for that, once you left, you will still feel the overexcitement of just want to play “.

Cunningham said it was difficult to see his teammates from the bench, but he received support throughout the process.

His first game marks 40 years after franchise legend Isiah Thomas made his Pistons debut with 31 points and 11 assists against the Milwaukee Bucks.


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Cunningham debuts and claims to feel healthy