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With a superb performance by Uruguayan Jayson Granger, Baskonia defeated MoraBanc Andorra at home and was close to the playoffs qualifying spots.

In the match corresponding to the eleventh date of the Endesa League, the faces Baskonia and MoraBanc Andorra were seen. The former came from falling on their visit to Gran Canaria, while the latter from agonizingly defeating UCAM Murcia at home. Neven Spahija presented a quintet made up of Jayson Granger, Wade Baldwin IV, Rokas Giedraitis, Tadas Sedekerskis and the North American Steven Enoch. For their part, those led by Ibón Navarro took to the field with Clevin Hannah, Codi Miller-McIntyre, David Jelinek, Amine Noua and Sierra Leonean Babatunde Olumuyiwa.

The game held at the Fernando Buesa Arena showed an extremely balanced start, in which both teams exchanged attack for attack, without taking great differences on the scoreboard. The local cast featured an inspired Rokas Giedraitis, while the visiting team hurt with the distance shots of Clevin Hannah and David Jelinek. At the end of the first period, with a good contribution from the double base formed by Jayson Granger and Wade Baldwin IV, the Basques managed to open an eight-point lead. The Andorrans improved their performance considerably in the second period, having as figures Gal Mekel and Codi Miller-McIntyre, who were decisive when matching the actions.

At the beginning of the second half, the visit was at the forefront in the electronic in figures from 36 to 34. In the first bars of the complement, a procedure similar to the one at the beginning of the match could be observed, where parity reigned. Those from Vitoria-Gasteiz continued to have Granger and Baldwin IV as their main goals, while their rival on duty, became strong in the paint through Víctor Arteaga and Amine Noua. In the first minutes of the fourth quarter, those led by Ibón Navarro managed to get an income of five points that seemed to lead to victory. However, Neven Spahija’s men closed the game in a great way, putting a 22-11 run in the final moments of it. Finally, Baskonia was left with the victory 83-77 and was close to the playoffs qualification zone in the ACB League in Spain.

The winner was the brilliant performance of the Uruguayan Jayson Granger, who scored 25 points (7/10 triples, 1/3 doubles and 2/2 free), caught 1 rebound, distributed 5 assists and stole 5 balls in 33:25 minutes that he remained in the rectangle, reaching a total valuation of 32. Former Alba Berlin equaled his record of triples, which he had achieved a couple of games ago and also, for the first time in his career, he reached 5 steals in ACB.

The number 11 was well accompanied by Wade Baldwin IV with 19 points and 8 rebounds. On the loser’s side, Clevin Hannah finished as his team’s top scorer with 14 points.

The next commitment of our compatriot’s team in the local competition will be in two weeks, when he has to visit Barcelona. While for the Euroleague he will be active again on Thursday, hosting Real Madrid at home.

Photo: Twitter Baskonia (@Baskonia)

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Cosmic keg