Cops vs. youngsters face off in a basketball ‘shell’ in a London neighborhood

The challenge was blunt and direct: Police Commissioner Julio César Salas González and some elements of special groups turned to see each other seeking approval and the response was immediate: “we entered him!”; It all happened on Wednesday afternoon in the park known as La Burrita, where the ’24 Hours in your Neighborhood’ operation was being carried out.

The challenge was launched by youngsters who ‘threw a ball’ on the pitch at 37 and Justiniani Street, in the London neighborhood. Accepted the friendly duel, the strange dance of tennis, shoes and tactical boots was not long in coming. Some took advantage of the lightness of their shirts, while others fought against them and their tactical vests.

For a while, the ranks and the orders to be carried out among the team commanded by the chief of police were forgotten. The locals did not have it easy, the officers were helped by the fact that the neighborhood meeting would already begin, but in the end the fun, the coexistence and the entire community won.

“Because that’s what it’s about,” said Commissioner Salas at the end of the confrontation, “to gain the trust of citizens, to promote closeness and improve the perception they have of us, which is better when it comes to young people.”

The ’24 Hours in your Neighborhood’ operation was carried out from 07:00 on Wednesday to 07:00 on Thursday with more than 60 actions and arrests in favor of the populous neighborhood with the intervention of the different areas of the Directorate of Municipal Public Security, coordinated by the administrative and legal deputy directors, respectively, Luis Terrazas Fraga and Jorge Aragón Gutiérrez, with the aim that all the corporation’s personnel become involved in actions of social proximity.

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Before the end of the meeting with residents of the sector, where Commissioner Julio César Salas attended each of them directly, the adolescents who continued to throw the ‘cascarita’ shouted at the agents gathered there: “Whenever you want we wait for you for some challenges! !”, thus agreeing to an upcoming sporting event.

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Cops vs. youngsters face off in a basketball ‘shell’ in a London neighborhood