Commercial proposal in Concordia for people to meet and talk personally | Daily Change

By Mario Sancristóbal
Many times we hear that people do not talk anymore and that people’s attention goes to being aware of their cell phone, even in the bosom of a family meeting or with friends. In an establishment of the gastronomic sector of Concordia, it was proposed to hold meetings where people can meet and talk without using technology. CHANGE chatted with Rolo Verón -owner of the place and promoter of this idea- to ask him how it arises and how it works.
“The night of alone and alone arises with a friend, because I had the idea and I proposed to her that she help me because she has a very good handling of public relations.” We spent some time adjusting details and the phrase “Do I want to meet you and you? And we decided to do that activity on Thursdays and so we began by commenting on the proposal and conducting interviews with everyone who found the idea interesting to delineate everyone’s profiles and thus be able to set up the groups that would attend. For my part, I was in charge of preparing the space where these meetings would be held and defining what gastronomy would take place in them. The hours are from 21 to 24 and although the Bar works for the public, those who attend these meetings have a delimited space separated from the clientele, which gives them privacy.
The groups are reduced from 15 to 18 people, who have a prior reservation with an accessible cost that includes drinks and food and there are several recommendations that we proposed, for example, photos cannot be taken unless they are in groups and the whole group also agrees. We advise not to use the cell phone during the meeting. Each of the participants is given a souvenir where they can write their data and they can give it to one of the people who attend or leave it in the hands of my friend who is the one who coordinates these meetings, because many times they are not delivered in the meeting but then they usually call to ask for the contact. People have come from Concordia and also from neighboring towns such as Paraná and Federación, so perhaps when the borders are reopened, people from Salto may come, because this is about meeting people and not being aware of networks or cell phones.
Since we started we have always had twice as many women signed up as men, because women seem to be more determined. We also ask that those who attend are effectively alone, that they have the freedom to attend and thus not generate conflictive situations.
The meetings begin by introducing each of those who are there by my friend and then some games are played where everyone can interact, and that has given good results because even more than one has commented on stories and experiences that have led to exchanges of opinions among all those who participate in the meeting.